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Weeds are a game mechanic of Atomicrops.

General Description

Weeds are a basic game mechanic that typically act as a nuisance but can become helpful through various Items. They will naturally spawn on all interactable tiles on the Farm, including all forms of tilled Soil and Crust. They will not spawn on tiles actively occupied by Crops. While a tile is occupied by a Weed, players will be unable to till it or plant Crops on it until it is removed. The rate of which Weeds are cut by the player is dependent on how high their Farming Stat is, with the higher the Farming Stat cutting Weeds faster. In addition, the amount of time it takes to cut Weeds increases as the Seasons progress, with later Seasons requiring more time to cut each Weed. Weeds are capable of spreading off of one another overtime. Weeds spawn in four different phases, starting with the smallest form until reaching the largest, where at which point the given Weed will stop growing. The exact four different phases are shown below.

Table of Weed Phases

Image Name Description
SpringWeedStage1.png Smallest stage (first stage) The first stage of Weeds. Can be removed by stepping on it or by clicking briefly.
SpringWeedStage2.png Second smallest stage (second stage) The second stage of Weeds. Shorter time to cut.
SpringWeedStage3.png Second largest stage (third stage) The third stage of Weeds. Moderate time to cut.
SpringWeedStage4.png Largest stage (fourth and final stage) The fourth and final stage of Weeds. Longest time to cut.

Beneficial Upgrades

Because of how Weeds are a key mechanic of the game, there are many Items that can affect them. As such, the following is a list of Items that can affect Weeds: