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Weeds are a game mechanic of Atomicrops.

General Description[]

Weeds are a basic game mechanic that typically act as a nuisance but can become helpful through various Items. They will naturally spawn on all interactable tiles on the Farm, including all forms of tilled Soil and Crust. They will not spawn on tiles actively occupied by Crops. While a tile is occupied by a Weed, players will be unable to till it or plant Crops on it until it is removed. Cutting a weed has a chance of dropping Fertilizer or a Seed.

The rate of which Weeds are cut by the player is dependent on how high their Farming Stat is, with a higher Farming Stat cutting Weeds faster. In addition, the amount of time it takes to cut Weeds increases as the Seasons progress, with later Seasons requiring more time to cut each Weed. Weeds are capable of spreading off of one another overtime.

Old weeds can change into Weed Monsters, in Year 3 or later. Weeds can also be changed into Flowers, if the player has certain Upgrades.

Weeds spawn in four different phases, starting with the smallest form until reaching the largest, where at which point the given Weed will stop growing. The exact four different phases are shown below.

Table of Weed Phases[]

Image Name Description
Smallest stage (first stage) The first stage of Weeds. Can be removed by stepping on it, clicking briefly,
or firing some Weapons over it. Does not drop anything when removed.
Second smallest stage (second stage) The second stage of Weeds. Shorter time to cut.
Second largest stage (third stage) The third stage of Weeds. Moderate time to cut.
SpringWeedStage4.png Largest stage (fourth and final stage) The fourth and final stage of Weeds. Longest time to cut.


As well as weeds, debris can spawn on the crust (but never on soil). Debris can be removed in the same way as weeds, and will activate the same Items, but do not have a chance of dropping Seeds. Instead, they will always drop 2 Fertilizer.

Related Items[]

Because of how Weeds are a key mechanic of the game, there are many things that can affect them. As such, the following is a list of Items that can affect Weeds:

Helping to Remove Weeds[]

Items which turn weeds into Flowers are listed here, as they can then be easily removed by walking over or harvesting them.

Image Name Ability
AlienPetAnimation.gif Alien Pet Constantly circles the player, and cuts any weeds that it passes over.
BloodBouquet.png Blood Bouquet Turns all nearby Weeds into random Flowers when the player takes damage.
Bloomers.png Bloomers Old, fully grown Weeds will sometimes turn into Flowers.
EarthquakeScroll3.png Cataclysm Scroll Cuts hundreds of weeds all over the Farm.
Chicken.gif Chicken Walks around and eats weeds without input by the player.
WeedStep.png Crampons Weeds are automatically cut by walking over them.
EarthquakeScroll2.png Earthquake Scroll Cuts weeds on the soil, and those in an area around it.
FarmStatUpA-resources.assets-265.png Farming Stat Up Increasing the player's Farming Stat allows them to cut weeds faster.
WeedCutOnKill.png Herbicidal Blood Killing an Enemy cuts all Weeds in a 2x2 area around them.
HerbicidalSoil.png Herbicidal Soil Weeds do not grow at all on Soil, but will still grow on hard crust.
Hipbees.png Hipbees Bees and Hummingbirds may turn weeds into Flowers.
MegatonTractorHudIcon.png Megaton Tractor Cuts all weeds in a given area.
PollenBlood.png Pollen Blood Killing an Enemy will turn a single nearby weed into a Flower.
SoilpHMeter.png Soil pH Meter Flowers have a 50% chance to grow on soil instead of Weeds.
AllStatUp.png Stats Up Increasing the player's Farming Stat allows them to cut weeds faster.
EarthquakeScroll.png Tremor Scroll Cuts weeds on the soil, and those in a small area around it.
ChickenWeed2.gif Turkey Walks around and eats weeds more efficiently than the chicken.
Herbicide.png Weedkiller When a weed is cut, a random adjacent weed will also be removed.
WackerTractorHudIcon.png Wacker Tractor Cuts all weeds in front of it in a straight line.
WeedWacker.png Weed Wacker The player will cut weeds twice as fast.

Benefitting from cutting Weeds[]

Image Name Ability
AddTimeWeedCut.png Chrono Weeds Adds a small amount of time when a weed is cut. Best used with items which cut a large amount of weeds at once.
PsychoactiveWeeds.png Psychoactive Weeds Cut weeds drop a pickup which reduces Enemies' bullet speeds by 50%.
RazorWeeds.png Razor Weeds Deals 120 damage in a large area when a weed is cut by any means.
SucculentWeeds.png Succulent Weeds Cut weeds are far more likely to drop seeds and Fertilizer, including rare seeds.
WeedHarvest.png Vinaigrette Cutting weeds earns the player 2 Cashew.png each.

Other Items[]

Image Name Ability
SpringChicken.png Spring Chicken Chickens and Turkeys have a 50% chance to turn a weed into a Flower instead of removing it.
Squaredown.png Squaredown Causes weeds to spread and grow faster. Best obtained if the player already has items to benefit from weed growth.


  • Cutting 500 weeds in a single day unlocks the "Herbicidal Maniac" Achievement.
  • If the player has Vinaigrette, harvested weeds count towards the "Florist" Achievement.