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Weed Monsters are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information

Due to their nature, Weed Monsters can only be found on the Farm. They also do not appear until Year 3 at the earliest.


Weed monsters have a chance of spawning from Weeds. The more old (fourth stage) weeds are on the farm, the higher the chance of this enemy appearing.

They cannot move from their fixed location, but will shoot a stream of bullets at the player's location whenever they get too close. They are a brighter colour than regular weeds, but have a similar appearance when idle, and their coloring changes with the Seasons. This means that they can blend in with the weeds around them, so can be troublesome during Boss fights or nights with many enemies, as the player risks aggravating them while running around avoiding attacks.

The best way to deal with weed monsters is therefore to keep down the number of weeds on the farm, whether by removing them or changing them into Flowers. See the Weeds page for more information. If the player walks over a Weed Monster while wearing Crampons or uses a Wacker Tractor on it the Weed Monster will instantly die.

Difficulty Scaling

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