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Water Witching is an Item that causes Enemies to be zapped whenever a Crop is watered.

General Description[]

Water Witching is an Item that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up, all future Crops watered will shoot off a lighting bolt at the nearest Enemy. The effect is not affected by the specific quality or type of Crop watered; it will be the same for every variety. This zap will reduce the current health of that given Enemy by 50%. This is unless the Enemy is a Boss, in which case the zap will not reduce their health by 50%. Due to how there are several means of watering Crops, Water Witching can be activated outside of the player's hand watering abilities, including but not limited to Cows and Turrets with Sprinkler Head. It is important to that Water Witching effectively becomes useless should the player have Irrigating Moles because of how it completely removes watering, thus making it impossible to utilize this Item.


Water Witching has two main features to analyze; its ability to work with Farm Animals as well as its overall damage output.

Animal Affecting Items[]

Compared to other Items that affect Farm Animals, Water Witching is one of the few that can directly weaponize them, with some of the biggest other contenders being Cattle Turret Tumors and Swine Turret Tumors. Regardless, Water Witching is innately able to immediately affect Cows and Grass-Fed Cows, due to their chore being watering by default. In addition, should the player have Snot Nose then Pigs and Hogs will benefit from this Item as well. Despite this, Cattle Turret Tumors and Swine Turret Tumors offer a more well rounded amount of damage per second for each of these animals respectively, making Water Witching less valuable in that regard. However, should the player have Trophallaxis then Bees and Hummginbirds will effectively have a means to become weaponized as well. This currently serves as the only way for Bees and Hummingbirds to deal any damage to Enemies, giving Water Witching a unique perk.


Compared to other means of dealing damage, Water Witching can potentially deal the most damage at once, due to its ability to remove 50% of an Enemy's health. This can be a considerably faster means of damaging Enemies than other Items like Turrets or Scarecrows. In addition, this potentially be a much easier means of damaging Enemies because of how Water Witching only requires watering Crops to function, allowing the task to be preform easily by the player or through other means. However, Water Witching's ability to decrease current Enemy health by 50% can also be its downfall. This is due to how the constant decrease of 50% health will not ever be able to directly kill Enemies but rather leave them on low health. This occurs because of how continuous -50% health will not ever reach zero health but will only get close to it. Furthermore, Water Witching's abilities are limited to the Farm, due to only working with watering Crops. Because of this, Water Witching may be best seen not as a tool for killing Enemies but rather as one for weakening them that works with many other Farm Animals and Items.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Water Witching: