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Atomicrops has gone through many different versions, as listed in its Version History.


Overtime Atomicrops has had numerous updates over the course of its lifetime. These updates come in two forms: Major Updates, which usually add a significant amount of new content to the game and change the first decimal digit of the version, and Minor Updates, which usually serve as hotfixes or otherwise minor changes. Please note that the following information is based on the Steam version due to it being one of the platforms updated most frequently. As a result, the following information may not currently or may not yet apply to all platforms.

Major Updates[]

A list of the game's Major Updates can be seen below.

Version Name Major Changes
1.5.0f1 1.5.0f1 Update Reworked the Weapons system, including replacing Gun Repair with Bonus Gun Mod; added new upgrades to existing Weapons, made changes to the Scroll System, and introduced numerous bug fixes and quality of life changes.
Reap What You Crow (DLC) Added a new Character, and Leech and Scythe as new weapons.
1.4.0f1 Feline Good Update Added new Cats, Cat Shrines, Homing Pigeon, Jump-Start, five new Achievements, one new Topiary, numerous balances changes, and numerous bug fixes.
1.3.0f1 Doom and Bloom Update Added the Deervil's Den, the Motivator, Flowers, over 40 new Items, two new Scrolls, numerous balance changes, and numerous bug fixes.
1.2.0f2 Invasive Species Update Added four new Bosses, Blood Moons, the Alien Ant, two new Scrolls, ten new Achievements, five new Topiaries, numerous balances changes, and numerous bug fixes.
1.1.0 Thyme Flies Update Added Dandelion and Thyme as new Characters, new Weapons, new Items, the Tunneler Tractor, new Home Improvements, Online Leaderboards and Daily Runs, and numerous balance changes.

Minor Updates[]

Minor Updates include various patches, hotfixes, and regular updates.

Version Name Major Changes
1.5.3f1 Patch 1.5.3f1 Introduced several balance changes and bug fixes, including changes to the Carrot and Sprinkler Tractors, and decreasing The Spore You Know's reproduction rate and maximum clone count in later Years.
1.4.0 In Public Test Now, Update 1.4! Acted as a beta branch for the 1.4 Update with the majority of its features.
1.3.2f1 Patch 1.3.2f1 Fixed an issue regarding leaderboard display names.
1.3.1f1 Patch 1.3.1f1 Fixed a rare issue where multiple Spouse candidates would stack on top of each other when loading a save file in town.
1.3.0 Doom and Bloom Update: In Public Test Now! Acted as a beta branch for the Doom and Bloom Update with the majority of its features.
1.2.1f4 Patch 1.2.1f4 Quality of life changes, balance changes to the Sprinkler Tractor and Thorn, and numerous bug fixes.
1.2.0 Patch 1.2.0 Acted as a beta branch for the Invasive Species Update with the majority of its features.
1.1.15 Patch 1.1.15 Added V-sync option, auto aim option for controllers, and small bug fixes.
1.1.12 Patch 1.1.12 Added localizations, changed Shadow Vulture attack pattern slightly, increased Rye's Gun Repair chance from 25% to 50%, and slight bug fixes.
1.1.11f2 Patch 1.1.11f2 Added the Retrmation's Hoodie Achievement, changes to how Achievements are unlocked internally, and balances regarding enemy bullet speeds.


  • The Invasive Species Update was released onto the Steam version of the game on December 17, 2020. However, it did not arrive onto PlayStation or Nintendo Switch until April 27, 2021. In addition, it did not arrive on Xbox until May 28, 2021. Reportedly, this was mostly due to online leaderboards being difficult to implement onto these platforms.
    • This means that the former port took 131 days while the latter took 162 days.
  • The 1.5.0f1 Update and the Reap What You Crow DLC were released onto the Steam version of the game on December 14, 2021. However, neither arrived onto Xbox or Nintendo Switch until May 25, 2022. These same updates did not arrive to PS4 until June 2, 2022.
    • Coincidentally, the port to Xbox and Nintendo Switch port also took 162 days, making this a tie between the Invasive Species Update port in terms of port time.
    • The port of these content patches to PS4 took 170 days, making it the longest port in the game's history.
    • The reason for this port's delay is unknown.
  • The 1.5.0f1 Update and the Reap What You Crow DLC released at the same time, a first for the game to receive two major content packages at once.