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AddDaytimeA.png This article is about the Turret. For the upgraded version, see Curret.

The Turret is a pickup designed to defend Crops on the Farm.

General Description[]

Turrets are common items that can be found within various locations on the map, including choice enemy Camps, sold in Town by the Flower Merchant, and rarely as rewards from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up they will be added to the Seed Inventory, and can be "planted" like Crops. Unlike Crops, however, Turrets can be placed regardless of if the soil underneath is tilled or not, and may be removed at any point by using the farming key over an already placed one. While placed down, Turrets will automatically shoot projectiles for 15 damage each within a 12x12 range around themselves, allowing them to effectively defend any Crops nearby.


Compared to Drones, Turrets are significantly weaker per shot, dealing only 15 over 100, equating to only 15% of a Drone's damage per shot. In addition, Turrets are completely stationary, and cannot leave the farm. However, Turrets feature an overall higher fire-rate than Drones, giving them an edge in that regard. Similarly, Scarecrows also lack mobility, but can hit multiple Enemies at once and feature higher knockback. However, Turrets still outrange Scarecrows and possess a faster fire rate.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Turrets: