Tranquil Moon

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The Tranquil Moon is a rare event that occurs on the player's Farm.

General Description[edit | edit source]

The Tranquil Moon is a rare, random event that only occurs on the player's Farm. It cannot occur in Spring, and can only appear beginning in Summer during any nights without Bosses. Once the event is trigger, the Tranquil Moon will rise from the base of the player's screen to the top, signaling the start of the event. In addition, should the player be caught outside their Farm the Moon Pursuer will immediately be deployed. Furthermore, a unique theme will begin playing that is different from other Blood Moons. During the event, no Vegetaskulls or hostile Enemies will appear. This allows for players to farm Crops in relative peace. Likewise, the appearance of Loot Lanterns allow players to easily amass more resources.

Tranquil Moon Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Tranquil Moon only offers one kind of Enemy that will appear on the player's Farm instead of the one's in the normal nightly waves.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Loot Lantern
Loot Lantern ~10 Drifts aimlessly, dealing no contact damage. On death it drops a large amount of Fertilizer, and a seed or a Pickaxe.