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Tractors are powerful tools which can be found either via exploration or purchased during season festivals. Each tractor features a unique ability, all of which can be used whenever the tractor is off cooldown.

By default, the player can only hold one tractor at a time. However, there are multiple Upgrades which affect tractors, one of which allows multiple tractors to be held.

Image Name Description
WackerTractor.png Wacker Tractor Lands in front of the player and travels forward in a straight line, cutting all weeds and removing objects in its path. All cut weeds have a high chance to drop fertilizer or a random seed.
centerframeless Sprinkler Tractor Crops in a small area drop a seed. Trees have a small chance of dropping their seed, and if that chance is missed, they will drop random seeds instead. Can also randomly drop pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Also waters all crops in a big area.

centerframeless Wood Chipper Tractor Sucks enemies into itself in a large area and grinds them up into fertilizer. Beeson will drop their normal fertilizer as well as the bonus fertilizer from using the Wood Chipper Tractor. Be careful, as enemies that cause contact damage will still deal that damage when being sucked in by the tractor!
TunnelerTractorLootIcon.png Tunneler Tractor If used in the wilderness, creates a tunnel back to the farm that is identical in function to the tunnels already in the wilderness.

If used at the farm, breaks a single tile of crust instantly, effectively giving the player the effects of a free pickaxe.

MotivatorTractorLootIcon.png Motivator Instantly energizes all friends, makes the player invincible for two seconds, and makes all Enemies in the immediate vicinity drop seeds and Fertilizer.
Megaton Tractor.png Megaton Tractor Instantly grows crops, slaughters enemies, obliterates weeds, expands farmland, tills soil... and makes farmers smile.

Does not fertilize crops, and cannot break crust that would not be possible to break with a pickaxe at the time the tractor is used (so, only crust adjacent to already-broken crust can be broken by this tractor). Always tills soil as if the player has the Golden Hoe item, permitting two crops to be planted and harvested before more tilling is needed.

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