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Townsfolk are NPCs that offer a variety of services to the player.

General Description[]

Townsfolk are NPCs that the player will meet in Town between each new day. During this time, they will offer various services to the player, some providing seeds, others Weapons, and more. Certain NPCs will only be able to accessed during Seasonal Festivals.

Romanceable Characters[]

Main article: Spouses

Romanceable Characters appear on the right side of Town. They will each offer Items or Heart Beet seeds to the player in exchange for sums of Roses. They can be married and will perform various tasks for the player should that occur.

List of Townsfolk[]

Image Name Appearance Role and Function
Gnome 0.png
Bridge Merchant Town Allows the player to purchase Bridge Repair Kits. Only three can be bought per day. If the player has Duck Wings they will be unable to purchase Bridge Kits, due to being able to fly.
Flower Merchant Town Allows the player to purchase Seeds, Pickaxes, Farm Animals and more. See the Town page for more shop information.
Weapon Salesman Town Allows the player to choose between 2 weapons in exchange for cashews. The weapons change each day increasing in price and level each time.
Medical Doctor Town Allows the player to purchase Heart Beet seeds in exchange for Roses. The price begins at 1RoseIcon.png, and increases by one Rose for each Heart Beet seed bought. Only one Heart Beet seed can be bought per day.
Rose Trader Seasonal Festivals Sells Farm Animals and Items in exchange for Roses. See the Seasonal Festival page for more shop information.
Tractor Salesman Seasonal Festivals Allows the player to purchase Tractors.
Tina Turnip Seasonal Festivals Will gift the player an amount of rewards based on their success during that season.
Dicey's Casino Seasonal Festivals (Avaliable after beating Year 5 but will spawn in all Years after that). Allows the player to gamble their Cashews for a chance to get more Cashews or prizes such as Scrolls, Heart Beet seeds and Rose seeds, for a steeply increasing price. See the Seasonal Festival page for more information.


  • In the files, the sprites for the Flower Merchant begin with the name "Bob". This indicates that his real name is Bob.