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Tomatoes are a type of Crop which can be grown in Atomicrops.


Finding Tomato Seeds[]

Seeds Tomato Small.png Tomato seeds can be found in the second Plains area, most commonly from clearing Squirrel and Bulb Camps. They are also sometimes dropped by defeated Enemies, with a higher chance to obtain them from killing Beeson or when using the Flying Squirrels Weapon. Cutting Weeds may also drop Tomato seeds, especially in later Seasons. See the Related Items section of this page for other sources.

Alternatively, they have a high chance to be obtained when purchasing a SeedBagPlains1.png Silver Tier Plains Seed bag. These are sold for 70Cashew.png at the Garden Shop in Fall.

Fertilization and Megacrop Variant[]

Tomatoes need 6Fertilizer.png Fertilizer to be fully fertilized. Creating a Megacrop (from 4 Tomato plants in a 2x2 formation) therefore requires 24Fertilizer.png. A mega Tomato requires a further 18Fertilizer.png to become fully fertilized itself.


Small Tomatoes need 1 unit of water and a freshly merged Mega Tomato needs 2 units of water to fully grow.

Related Items[]

Obtaining Seeds[]

Growing Tomatos[]


  • BubbleShield.png Bubble Shield: Watering crops shields the player from bullets.
  • MissilesOnMerge.png Butterfly Nest: Merging crops into a megacrop spawns some explosive butterflies, which target Enemies.
  • PatchFertilizer.png Companion Planting: Planting multiple crops of the same type near each other drops fertilizer.
  • AddTimeSow.png Chrono Seeds: Increases day length a small amount per seed planted.
  • DoubleWateringCan.png Double-Edged Watering Can: The player can water two crops at once.
  • HarvestShield.png Harvest Shield: Harvesting a crop destroys enemy bullets.
  • BoostWater.png Hose: The player can water three separate crops at once while energized.
  • RootSoldier.png Root Soldier: Harvesting crops spawns a root soldier, which will attack enemies.
  • WaterWitching.png Water Witching: Watering crops zaps nearby enemies for 50% of their health.


  • Mega Tomatos are able to count towards the "Roll Call" Achievement.