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Time Mushroom is a special Home Improvement.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Time Mushroom is a Home Improvement purchased from the Chemist Ant for Cornucopias. The exact cost of the upgrade depends on how many upgrades have been purchased beforehand from this Ant. For example, if the player has purchased three upgrades from the Chemist Ant before then the cost of the Time Mushroom will be 6 CornucopiaCostIcon.png. After the upgrade is purchased, Time Mushrooms will appear randomly in Biomes or near Bridges should an additional certain Home Improvement be purchased. Upon being picked up, the current clock will be increased by a set amount of time. By default this is +15 seconds but can be extended up to +21 seconds through certain Home Improvements.

Duration of Time Provided[edit | edit source]

The exact amount of time the Time Mushroom provides is determined by the amount of ChemMushDurUpgrade.png "Slightly increase duration of mushroom effects." Home Improvements the player has purchased beforehand. Each one of these upgrades will add +2 seconds of time to the Time Mushroom's ability. For example, if the player purchases the first one of these Home Improvements then the Time Mushroom's duration will be +17 seconds instead of its default +15 seconds. The exact rates are listed below:

ChemMushDurUpgrade.png New Amount of Time Overall Time Increase From Default
0 ChemMushDurUpgrade.png +15 seconds 0 seconds
1 ChemMushDurUpgrade.png +17 seconds +2 seconds
2 ChemMushDurUpgrade.png +19 seconds +4 seconds
3 ChemMushDurUpgrade.png +21 seconds +6 seconds

Comparison[edit | edit source]

Compared to other means of gaining time, Time Mushroom is among the most efficient, as it has an instant effect. Many other time providing Items do not provide as much time as easily or as quickly as the Time Mushroom can. Despite this, unlike nearly all other means of providing time, Time Mushroom's success is relative to the amount of Home Improvements purchased. Should the player not have purchased many that increase it's spawning locations then it may be relatively hard to acquire. In addition, Time Mushrooms are always permanently consumed after picking them up, due to how they will never respawn in that given spot. Furthermore, the duration of time added is also relative the amount of a specific Home Improvement purchased. Without these upgrades the Time Mushroom will provide less time overall, an issue other methods of gaining time do not have. Because of this, the player may desire to not solely rely on Time Mushrooms for sources of gaining more time, and may instead want to utilize other means as well.

Beneficial Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect the Time Mushroom: