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Sunflowers are a type of Crop which can be grown in Atomicrops.

General Descripion[]

Uniquely among crops, Sunflowers do not need watering, and instead grow instantly when the player gives them Fertilizer. The more pieces of Fertilizer a Sunflower is given, the taller it will grow, paying out Cashews with each additional piece, until a maximum of 50 Fertilizer is reached. Planting Sunflowers in a 2x2 square will automatically merge them into a Megacrop.

After a short period of time, the Sunflower will wilt and vanish, whether it has been fertilized or not, which happens faster if crop-boosting Items are used.
Because of this, it is best to save planting any Sunflowers until the player has 50 pieces of Fertilizer ready to use. It is also more profitable to gather four seeds and create a Megacrop, rather than planting all Sunflower seeds instantly; four individual Sunflower plants require 200 Fertilizer to maximize each plant's growth, and pay out 1200 Cashews total, whereas one Megacrop Sunflower requires only 50 Fertilizer to reach a maximum of 1500 Cashews total.


Finding sunflower seeds[]

Seeds Sunflower Small.png Sunflower seeds have a rare chance to be obtained from the following Seed Bags, which are sometimes sold at the Garden Shop:

They also have a rare chance to be dropped from defeating an Enemy, with higher level Beeson having a better chance of dropping them. They can sometimes be found when cutting Weeds: having Succulent Weeds increases this chance. The Sprinkler Tractor, if used on sunflowers, has a lower chance to drop a sunflower seed than most other crops, resulting in it sometimes dropping a random seed instead.
The higher the player's Luck, the more chance they have of obtaining sunflower seeds from these sources.

Sunflower seeds may be found when clearing Bulb camps. They are also one of the possible seed drops from the Golden Pupa's bulb.

Related Items[]

Obtaining Seeds[]

Causes sunflowers to wilt faster[]

When planting sunflowers, it may be worth avoiding these items' effects, where possible.


  • MissilesOnMerge.png Butterfly Nest: Merging crops into a megacrop spawns some explosive butterflies, which target Enemies.
  • AddTimeSow.png Chrono Seeds: Increases day length a small amount per seed planted.
  • PatchFertilizer.png Companion Planting: Planting multiple crops of the same type near each other drops fertilizer.(confirma?)


  • Mega Sunflowers are able to count towards the "Roll Call" Achievement.
  • Having 12 small Sunflowers or 3 Mega Sunflowers at maximum height at once awards the "Helios" Achievement.