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The Spud Rifle a completely standard Weapon.

General Description[]

The Spud Rifle is a Weapon that can be purchased in the Town. It fires initially low damaging projectiles, with each bullet dealing 18 base damage. It has a slightly above average range of 8 tiles, an average bullet speed, and fires 4 projectiles per second. The Spud Rifle does not feature a clip size, allowing player's to constantly hold down the trigger without needing to reload. Functionally, it feels much like an upgraded Pea Shooter, having similar projectiles, but with better speed, accuracy, damage scaling, and range. It also features an exclusive Homing upgrade that can obtained by upgrading the gun. This will cause this gun's projectiles to aim towards the nearest target to the player. This can improve overall aiming at close Enemies, but can also prevent players from targeting any Enemies further away.


Compared to most other Weapons the Spud Rifle does not provide the highest damage output. Initially it provides the exact same damage as the Pea Shooter, at only 18 damage per shot. However, unlike the Pea Shooter the Spud Rifle can be upgraded and benefits much more from increasing the Fighting Stat. Regardless, compared to all other Weapons it provides one of the lowest amounts of damage per bullet, with the only lower exception being the Rusty SMG. To make up for this, the Spud Rifle provides the exclusive Homing upgrade, and unlike most Weapons does not feature a clip size. In addition, the Spud Rifle is one of only two Weapons that can provide the Zap upgrade, with the only other being the Parsniper Rifle. Similarly, unlike all other Weapons with the +Rate of Fire upgrade, the Spud Rifle can contain this upgrade two times instead of one. This allows for this gun to obtain an exceptionally high fire rate compared to most other Weapons. Due to this, the Spud Rifle acts as the most average choice of all Weapons, being neither terrible or exceptionally strong, and being efficient in most situations, while not really excelling in any, either.


The Spud Rifle has the following possible upgrades:


With this upgrade, the projectiles fired by the Weapon will tightly curve to chase any nearby Enemies. This serves as a functional range increase, as well as making aim less important. However, it is very possible to miss even with this upgrade, as the bullets have a limit to how quickly they can turn to chase Enemies, and sometimes the bullets might home in to an Enemy that the player did not intend them to, meaning that use of the Weapon with this upgrade can be less simple than anticipated. Can only be purchased once per gun.

+Rate of Fire[]

Increases the fire rate of the Weapon by ~50%, stacking additively if the upgrade is acquired twice. This will increase the Spud Rifle's base fire rate from 4 to 6 shots per second when bought the first time. Can only be purchased twice per gun.


Increases the damage of the Weapon by ~20%, stacking multiplicatively if the upgrade is acquired multiple times. This will increase the Spud Rifle's base damage from 18 to around 22 damage per shot when bought for the first time. Can only be purchased once per gun.


Adds and ability where upon an Enemy's death a lightning bolt will be fired that will chain to other nearby Enemies, reducing the current health of all Enemies struck by the Zap by 25%. Can only be purchased once per gun.

+Fertilizer drops[]

Occasionally creates Fertilizer when shots hit an Enemy. Can only be purchased once per gun.