Atomicrops Wiki

Atomicrops features multiple NPC townsfolk that can be married by giving them a total of 21 roses. Rose seeds can be acquired in any biome and are grown on your farm.

Each spouse features individual skills.

Romancing System[]

Each eligible partner starts off as a stranger to the player, but their relationship levels increase upon the provision of a certain number of Roses. The potential suitors are found in town at the end of each day and have a random upgrade that is beside them. If you give the required number roses then you get the random upgrade. Upgrades change each day, while spouses change on day one of each season. If a spouse's place in the town is empty then it is filled in with a new spouse when you return from your farm.

Giving the final 7 roses will allow you to marry the partner and acquire their Wedding Ring. The Wedding Ring provides +3 in the relevant stat (see Available Partners table). Ordinarily you cannot reach the marriage stage of more than one suitor, instead once you have a spouse all other suitors will have the "Spouse" step removed and replaced with "Just Friends" and be unable to receive any more roses. With the Polygamy upgrade the player can marry as many as they can afford (even suitors who prior to collecting the polygamy pick up were at the "Just Friends" step).

Roses Required Relationship Level
3 Acquaintances
5 Friends
6 Dating
7 Spouse

Available Partners[]

Portrait Name Marriage/Ring Attributes Skills
Rue Rue Increases Fighting Stat (+3).

Rue will occasionally give you Pumpkin seeds.

Fights. Gathers Seeds.

Randomly gives Pumpkin Seeds.

Norman Norman Increases Fighting Stat (+3).

Pineapples grow instantly.

Gathers Fertilizer.

Shoots slowing goop at enemies.

Upgrades seeds to higher tiers.

Borage Borage Increases Farming Stat (+3).

Broccoli grow instantly.

Cuts weeds. Tills soil.

Plant Flower. Plants crops

Furryosa Furryosa Increases Fighting Stat (+3).

Carrots grow instantly.

Waterchris Waterchris

(Unlocked after Year 1)

Increases Farming Stat (+3).

First few large Aloes harvests give a Heart Beet.

Waters Plants.