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Soil pH Meter is an Item that makes Flowers spawn on Soil in place of Weeds.

General Description[]

Soil pH Meter is an Item that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up, all future Weeds that would normally spawn on the player's Soil will instead have a 50% chance to spawn as Flowers. The effect does not apply to hard crust; any Weeds will continue to grow there as normal. Note that this Item does not cancel out with Herbicidal Soil; the former takes dominance over the latter. Soil pH Meter is also impacted by LuckStatIcon.png Luck.

Luck Effect[]

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As stated, the player's LuckStatIcon.png Luck value affects Soil pH Meter. This means that Weeds spawning on Soil will have a higher chance to be replaced with Flowers instead. Each whole point of LuckStatIcon.png Luck is scaled by 0.5 in determining the new probability of a Weed turning into a Flower when said Weed is spawned on Soil.


Compared to other means of removing Weeds, Soil pH Meter serves as one of the most direct and quickest means to do so, as it requires minimal effort on the player's or other means' part to deal with Weeds. This is due to how Flowers can be quickly harvested with the Harvest Circle, unlike Weeds. In addition, it can also act as a source of Cashews, due to the profitability of the Flowers. Because of this, other means of cutting Weeds on the player's Soil will become less necessary, such as Weedkiller and Weed Wacker. However, the downside to this Item does not make it superior in absolutely every regard to other methods of cutting Weeds, as they will still be able to spawn on hard crust. This can make this Item useless when dealing with Weeds towards the edges of the Farm. In addition, its only 50% chance to activate limits how frequently Weeds will be converted into Flowers, potentially leaving some Weeds to still grow on Soil. Due to this, the player will likely still want to retain other means of cutting Weeds, such as Herbicidal Soil.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Soil pH Meter:


  • Feline Good: Soil pH Meter now only has a 50% chance to activate instead of a 100% chance.