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Soft Fur is a Golden Pupa loot Item that allows the player to energize their Farm Animals by walking into them.

General Description[]

Soft Fur is an Item that can only be found in the form of Golden Pupa loot. Upon being picked up, the player will gain the ability to energize their Farm Animals by walking into them. This will make them energized for a set amount of time before needing to be energized again. Note that this effect does not extend to Spouses, Turrets, Scarecrows, or Drones.


Compared to other means of energizing Farm Animals, Soft Fur acts as one of the few means with few drawbacks. This is because of how it does not rely on the gathering of other Items or is limited in use by recharge, such as in the case of the Motivator. This can make it one of the more valuable means of energizing. However, Soft Fur isn't necessarily the fastest means to energize large amounts of Farm Animals at once. This is because of how each animal will need to be touched individually, which can be difficult when they are running about the Farm. This in turn can lead to the player wasting more time than its worth chasing their Farm Animals in order to energize them. Other means of energizing animals do not have this problem, due to creating an instant wave effect that impacts all allies in the vicinity. In addition, Soft Fur is limited to only being beneficial for Farm Animal, due to it not affecting any other allies. Furthermore, it appearing only in the Golden Pupa loot limits how frequently the player may find it within their runs. All of these factors may make other means of energizing more beneficial overall. Despite this, Soft Fur remains as a helpful means to energize the player's Farm Animals with few drawbacks.