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Sniper Bundits are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Sniper Bundits are an Enemy which appear in six out of eight Biome areas, as well as the player's Farm at night. They do not appear in the first Desert or the first Plains area. Unlike most other Enemies it does not feature an upgraded version of itself, instead being the same in both the first and second kind of each Biome.


Sniper Bundits spawn everywhere except the first Desert or the first Plains area and only appear on the player's Farm at night. When aggroed, they will aim their weapon, which will draw a solid red laser aimed at the player. Shortly after this laser appears the Sniper Bundit will fire a single bullet in that direction. When approached by the player they will run away until stopping to aim again.

Difficulty scaling[]

The max health of Sniper Bundits increases depending on the Year, as does the speed of their bullets.

Health on Each Year
Year 1 Year 2* Year 3* Year 4* Year 5* Year 6* Year 7* Year 8* Year 9* Year 10
200 218 236 253 271 289 307 324 342 360
  • (*) - Estimated using linear interpolation, these values are not exact.

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