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The Slug Moon is a rare event that occurs on the player's Farm.

General Description[]

The Slug Moon is a rare, random event that only occurs on the player's Farm. It cannot occur in Spring, and can only appear beginning in Summer during any nights that aren't the third day of the given Season. Once the event is trigger, the Slug Moon will rise from the base of the player's screen to the top, signaling the start of the event. In addition, should the player be caught outside their Farm the Moon Pursuer will immediately be deployed. During the event, many new and exclusive Enemies will appear on the player's Farm.

Slug Moon Enemies[]

The Slug Moon offers its own variety of Enemies that appear instead of the one's in the normal nightly waves.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Bundit Witch
Witch Flies around the Farm and will sometimes stop near the player's Crops to cast a spell in a set range. This spell will affect all Crops within its range by either lighting them on fire or reducing them back to their freshly sown state. Both spells will deal damage to the player if they are caught within the range. Sometimes drops a Scroll on death.
Crow Appears at the start of each new wave. Flies in a straight line across the screen in groups and never breaks ranks, even if the player damages it. Drops a larger amount of Fertilizer on death.
Loot Lantern
Loot Lantern 8 Drifts aimlessly, dealing no contact damage. On death it drops a large amount of Fertilizer, and a seed or a Pickaxe.
Slug Tries to eat Crops. Deals no contact damage, but starting on Year 2, it will chase the player and shoot bullets if no Crops are planted, or if all Crops have been eaten.
Banana Slug
Banana Slug
Fire Slug
Fire Slug Tries to eat Crops and sets all nearby Crops on fire.