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AddDaytimeA.png This article is about the Slug. For the Slug Moon specific version, see Fire Slug.

Slugs are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Slugs are an Enemy exclusive to the Farm. There are two different kinds, with the Banana Slug having more HP.


Slugs and Banana Slugs will spawn at night. They will spawn individually and move towards the nearest Crop available. Once in reach they will begin to eat away at that given Crop until it is destroyed, at which point they will move on to another. After taking damage they will sometimes quickly flee away from the given Crop before coming back to eat at it again.

Crop Damage[]

Main article: Crops#Crop Durability

The rate at which Slugs will eat Crops is determined by the size of the given Crop and the current Year the player is playing on. Larger Crops will take longer to consume and in later Years all Crops will be consumed faster.

Difficulty Scaling[]

The max health of Slugs increases depending on the Year, as does the rate they destroy Crops.

Health on Each Year (Regular Slug}
Year 1 Year 2* Year 3* Year 4* Year 5* Year 6* Year 7* Year 8* Year 9* Year 10
120 131 141 152 163 173 184 195 205 216
Health on Each Year (Banana Slug)
Year 1 Year 2* Year 3* Year 4* Year 5* Year 6* Year 7* Year 8* Year 9* Year 10
330 368 407 445 484 522 561 599 638 676
  • (*) - Estimated using linear interpolation, these values are not exact.

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