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The Shallotgun is a shotgun weapon.

General Description[]

The Shallotgun is a Weapon that can be purchased from the Weapons Shop in the Town. It fires eight short-range bullets per shot, with each dealing 18 damage.



The Shallotgun has the following possible upgrades:


Allows this weapon to fire 12 bullets instead of 8 per shot. The ammo consumption and range are not affected.

+50% damage[]

Increases the damage output of each bullet by an extra 50%.

+Clip Size[]

Increases the clip size from 2 shots to 4 shots total.

Back Gun[]

Each time the weapon is used, extra bullets are fired behind the player at the same time as those fired in front. The Damage, +Bullets and Toxic Spores upgrades also apply to these bullets.

Toxic Spores[]

Firing the Shallotgun leaves clouds of toxic spores in the final location of each bullet. These clouds last for five seconds before fading, and deal damage to any Enemies that come into contact with them. The amount of damage dealt is equal to the damage dealt by a single bullet. This upgrade takes into account all others, including +50% damage (spore damage is also boosted), Back Gun, and +Bullets (more clouds will appear).


The damage done by each Shallotgun bullet begins at 18, but increases with the player's Fighting Stat.

Damage table
Fighting Stat Damage
per bullet
With +50%
damage upgrade
0 18 27*
2 21
3 22 33*
4 24 36*
5 25
6 27* 40
7 29 43
8 30 45*
9 32 48
10 34 51*
12 37 56
13 39 59
15 43* 65
19 52 78
20 54* 81

(Values marked with an asterisk are estimations)