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The Scythe is a melee Weapon exclusive to the Oregacrow.png Reap What You Crow DLC.

General Description[]

The Scythe is one of two Weapons available in the Oregacrow.png Reap What You Crow DLC, and will only become accessible after said DLC has been purchased. Unlike most Weapons, the Scythe is entirely melee and cannot shoot bullets of its own. Also dissimilarly, many of the Scythe's possible Mods are farming related as opposed to combat-exclusive. It is also capable of attacking multiple Enemies at once, with the only limit being the physical size of the Scythe. The Scythe can also attack over pits, as seen in some Camps, however it cannot attack through walls. Holding down the firing key will not cause the Scythe to swing repeatedly; instead, it must be pressed repeatedly in order to swing the Scythe multiple times.


The Scythe offers potentially high damage per each swing due to scaling well with the player's FightStatIcon.png Fighting Stat. As a result, it is capable of defeating many Enemies in two or even a single swing. The Scythe also offers special farming Mods unprecedented in other Weapons, granting it additional utility inside the Farm. However, the Scythe is primarily melee-based, requiring players to approach close to Enemies in order to damage them. Should the player lack care, then the Scythe may become hazardous to use.


The Scythe has the following possible Mods:

Deflects Bullets[]

Allows the Scythe to deflect any projectiles it touches when swung. These will home in on the nearest Enemy, which may or may not necessarily be the one responsible for firing the projectiles in the first place.

Critical Strikes[]

Grants the Scythe a chance to deal double damage.


Lets the Scythe water any Crops or extinguish any burning Crops it touches when swung.


Lets the Scythe till any Soil it touches when swung.

Cut Weeds[]

Lets the Scythe cut any Weeds it touches when swung.

Attack Speed[]

Increases the Scythe's rate of fire, letting it be swung about twice as frequently.


Grants the player a permanent Horse, similar to the Horse Item. However, this Horse will be present regardless if the player is attacking or not, unlike the regular Horse. The Horse Mod will override the regular Horse Item if both are present. This Mod cannot be obtained while playing as Dandelion due to it being removed from his pool.


Increases the size of the Scythe by about double, granting longer range and a wider attack arc.


  • The Scythe is Atomicrops' first and currently only melee Weapon.
  • The Scythe's Deflects Bullets Mod also works on Venus Flytrap's flies and purple Vegetaskulls.
    • It does not work on the orange Vegetaskulls sometimes spawned by Elite Enemies.
  • The Scythe is one of two DLC-related Weapons in the game, the other being the Leech Gun.
  • The Scythe was one of the most demanded features to be added to the game, with requests going as far back as the Thyme Flies Update.