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Rye is the second Character to be unlocked.

General Description[]

Rye is a Character designed around a reliable playstyle. Their passive perk of 50% additive Gun Repair and starting Turret demonstrates this. Rye also does not feature any direct downsides. They are the second Character to be unlocked, given after beating Summer.


Rye features two upsides; their additional Gun Repair chance and their starting Turret.


Rye's primary upside can be found in their custom Item, known as Mechanic. This provides Rye with an additional 50% more Gun Repair chance. This can be utilized to repeatedly use various Weapons for potentially many days at a time. Players can use this in order to consistently use more powerful Weapons of their choosing. This can be especially useful when the player manages to purchase and upgrade a stronger Weapon a day or more prior to a Boss fight, as players will potentially be able to use that same Weapon against the upcoming Boss. Likewise, players can better choose which Weapons they wish to use when clearing Camps in the various Biomes. As a whole, this perk will simultaneously save players vast quantities of Cashews, as they will likely not be needing to purchase and upgrade a Weapon each day. These Cashews can then in turn be invested elsewhere, such purchasing Seeds and Pickaxes from the Flower Merchant or spending them at the Gamble Trader's station.

Starting Turret[]

Rye's other perk is always beginning with a free Turret at the start of each run. This can assist with defending Crops during the nightly attacks on the Farm. In fact, it is possible that during the first few nights, especially on earlier Years, the Turret will be able to completely defend the Farm all on its own. This can allot players more chances during the first Spring nights to further explore the various Biomes instead of focusing on defending their Crops. This free Turret also pairs well with various Turret upgrades, including but not limited to Turret Growth Aura and Sprinkler Head. This is especially true of the player manages to acquire one or two of these upgrades from the Time Capsule or through any means immediately at the start of the player's run.


  • Prior to Patch 1.1.12, Rye's Gun Repair chance was 25%.
  • Rye used to have a slightly different perk that always made Weapons last one extra day from when they were purchased.