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The Rusty SMG is an automatic, short-ranged weapon.

General Description[]

The Rusty SMG is a Weapon that can be purchased in Town. It has a 5 tile range and rapidly fires bullets in a wide spread for a base damage of 10 per bullet. It is very good at dealing damage to large groups of weak Enemies, such as in the Plains. In addition, it is useful for keeping Enemies that charge from reaching the player, as the rapid firing rate of the weapon confers a larger than normal amount of knockback.


Initially, the Rusty SMG begins as one of the weakest possible Weapon choices. It's initial short range and low damage make it not preferable when dealing with stronger Enemies, such as Tree Guardians or Bosses. However, it's upgrades allow it to eventually become one of the strongest fully upgraded weapons. This is due to a combination of high damage output, a quick fire rate, and decent range. The Rusty SMG also features it's own exclusive upgrade in the form of Explosive Rounds, giving it a edge over other Weapons. As a whole, the Rusty SMG features one of the largest gaps between power from unupgraded to being fully upgraded.


The Rusty SMG has the following possible upgrades:


Allows all shots fired by this Weapon to pass through and damage every Enemy it comes into contact with, allowing this gun to deal damage to multiple enemies at a time with a single projectile.

+Rate of Fire[]

Increases the fire rate of the Weapon.

Explosive Rounds[]

Allows all shots fired by this Weapon to explode upon hitting an obstacle or an Enemy, which will deal damage in a small area to all other Enemies.

+Range +Dmg[]

Increases the overall range of this Weapon by ~100% while also simultaneously increasing the damage of each individual projectile.

+Accuracy +Dmg[]

Increases the overall accuracy of this Weapon by greatly reducing its' spread while also simultaneously increasing the damage of each individual projectile.

Deal damage to recharge tractor 30% faster[]

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