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The Rue's Wedding Ring is an Item the Increases the player's Fighting Stat by 3.

General Description[]

Rue's Wedding Ring is an Item that is given to the player after they marry Rue. It costs 7 Roses and will be available for purchase once the player and Rue are Dating. After the Wedding Ceremony, Rue's Wedding Ring will spawn on a satin pillow and must be picked up by the player. Upon being picked up, the player's Fighting Stat will increase by 3, indicated by "Fighting Stat Up" appearing above the player's head 3 times. While it does not provide it, Rue's Wedding Ring also comes with the added benefit of Rue helping the player by shooting Enemies and sometimes giving them Pumpkin seeds. If the player is already married and does not have Polygamy, Rue will not offer her Wedding Ring and exclaim "You're already married! We're just friends." if the player tries to flirt with her when they have Just Friends relationship status. This item cannot be found in the Time Capsule.


Getting married is one of the few ways to increase the Fighting Stat, so Rue's Wedding Ring automatically has good value for that. Rue will also give the player Pumpkin seeds, which can be a good way of getting Cashews while also providing farm defense.