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The Rose is a unique Crop that yields the exclusive Rose Currency.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Roses are a special Crop that do not produce Cashews, but nevertheless are vital to an effective farm. Growing and harvesting Roses is mandatory in order to gain any benefit from Spouses or the Festival vendor, as they do not accept Cashews as payment and provide powerful benefits. Outside of finding a Rose Bouquet, Roses can only be attained by sowing, growing, and harvesting them.

Finding Roses[edit | edit source]

Roses can be found in several locations, usually in the various Biomes.

  • Clearing a Flamingo Camp drops two Rose Seeds.
  • Clearing any Camp has a small chance of dropping a Rose Seed after the normal rewards are collected. This means that Flamingo Camps can sometimes reward three Rose Seeds.
  • Picking up Flamingo Friend will instantly add several Rose Seeds to the player's inventory.
  • There is a small chance that killing an Enemy will cause them to drop a Rose Seed. This chance is higher with Beeson.
  • Killing a Boss will always drop a Rose Seed.
  • The Mayor will commonly have Rose Seeds as end-of-season rewards.
  • Rose Seeds can be rarely obtained from purchased Seed Bags from the Sundries Vendor in the Town.
  • Using the Sprinkler Tractor on planted Roses has a small chance of dropping more Rose Seeds.
  • Chicken Caliochory can very rarely provide Rose Seeds.
  • Flying Squirrels can very rarely provide Rose Seeds upon damaging an enemy.

Growing Roses[edit | edit source]

Roses are unique Crops in that they never require any Fertilizer to provide their full benefits. They will grow perfectly fine without it, and do not require Fertilizer to merge into a Mega Rose when planted in a 2x2 square. A regular Rose will provide 1 spendable Rose when harvested, while a Mega Rose will provide 5. As it takes 4 Rose Seeds to produce a Mega Rose that rewards 5 Roses, it is good practice to not plant Roses by themselves unless the player only needs one or two more in order to afford an upgrade they greatly need, and cannot hunt for more Seeds.

Roses by themselves are watered as though they are Desert/Tundra crops, while Mega Roses are watered as though they are Plains/Forest crops. This means that the length of time it takes to water a Mega Rose is four times as long as the length of time it takes to water a single Rose, unlike most other Megacrops that only require twice as long to water as their single Crop variant. This means that, especially when at a low Farming Stat, letting Cows water Mega Roses can be an excellent choice, since Cows always take the same length of time to water Crops, regardless of the seed's source or whether it is a Megacrop.

Beneficial Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Roses: