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Robusta serves as the game's challenge Character.

General Description[]

Robusta is a Character that ultimately is designed for those seeking a challenge, as they do not possess any attributes that are greatly beneficial. This is especially represented in their main downside, which increases the game's speed.


Robusta's only upside is their starting Drone. This acts as an extra, mobile source of damage available from the start. The Drone can assist players in killing Enemies while clearing Camps or defending their Crops on the Farm.


Robusta's main downside is from their custom Item, Coffee Addict. This Item increases the game speed by 25%, affecting everything from the player's actions to Enemy bullet speeds. This in turn can make the game more difficult overall, as the player's reaction time may not be able to consistently keep up. On the other hand, this can be beneficial when going for runs to get certain Items for the Time Capsule as 1 sec in-game is 0.8 sec realtime.


  • Robusta is currently the only Character with an alternate, equip-able skin, which can be seen in the Gallery below. This skin is unlocked by gaining the Retromation's Hoodie Achievement, can be equipped by interacting with Robusta while they are selected in the character select screen.
    • This is a reference to the YouTuber Retromation. He was the world's first to beat Year Ten as Robusta, winning a bet with the developers and subsequently this skin was added.