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Reptilian Solstice is a Deervil Item that doubles the length of the next day but causes a Lizard to constantly chase the player.

General Description[]

Reptilian Solstice is a Deervil Item that can only be found exclusively in the Deervil's Den. Upon being picked up, the length of the next day will be twice as long. Note that this effect does not extend into the night of that given day and will only affect the normal daylight time. However, a Lizard will continuous chase the player for the entire duration of the day. This Lizard appears identical to the ones found in the Tier II Jungle, however it has much more health and fires significantly more bullets. Despite only the daytime benefitting from this Item, the Lizard will continue to pursue the player at night. If the Lizard is killed at any point it will respawn in roughly three seconds to pursue the player once more. This entire effect ends at the start of the next day.


Compared to other means of extending time, Reptilian Solstice is among the most effective, due outright providing double time with minimal action required on the player's part. This can make it superior to Items like Chrono Seeds or Chrono Weeds. However, with the exception of the Thymepiece, Reptilian Solstice is the only one that features a major downside. Should the player be unable to bear with the Lizard or struggling enough already Reptilian Solstice may prove more detrimental than beneficial. This is only further solidified by the fact that once the Item is picked up players are locked into its effects for the next day regardless if they want it removed or not. Despite this, when compared to other Deervil Items, Reptilian Solstice may prove to the safest option available. This is due to how it offers no risk of losing the Item's benefits immediately, the destruction of the player's Crops, or the immediate death of the player. Because of this, if the player is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with other Deervil options they may desire to take this Item instead. Still, Reptilian Solstice is highly situational not only on the player's current setup but also their skills and familiarity with the game.