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Recharge Mushroom is a special Home Improvement.

General Description[]

Recharge Mushroom is a Home Improvement purchased from the Chemist Ant for Cornucopias. The exact cost of the upgrade depends on how many upgrades have been purchased beforehand from this Ant. For example, if the player has purchased two upgrades from the Chemist Ant before then the cost of the Recharge Mushroom will be 5 CornucopiaCostIcon.png. After the upgrade is purchased, Recharge Mushrooms will appear randomly in Biomes or near Bridges should an additional certain Home Improvement be purchased. Upon being picked up, the player's currently equipped Tractor will gain a full unit of charge. If the player has a second Tractor via the Extra Tractor Slot the Tractor that is not swapped to will not benefit. Note that this does not completely fill the current charge meter that is displayed, but instead provides one entire unit of charge. This is added regardless if the player's current equipped Tractor is already full on charges, meaning that the player can potentially stockpile additional charges by picking up multiple Recharge Mushrooms. Furthermore, there is no limit as to how many extra charges the player may have at once from picking up multiple Recharge Mushrooms. If the player does not have a Tractor when attempting to pick up a Recharge Mushroom then a message saying, "Requires Tractor" will appear and the player will be prevented from picking up the Mushroom.


Compared to other means of gaining Tractor charges, Recharge Mushroom is among the most efficient, as it has an instant effect. Another one of the few sources that can effectively recharge the player's Tractors instantly is Hotwire. However, unlike Hotwire, Recharge Mushroom has no potential damage downside associated with it, and may be more common to see overall. In addition, Recharge Mushroom's effect can be stacked multiple times on top of each other on the same Tractor, effectively allowing the player to stock up extra charges, something no other Items allow players to do. Despite this, unlike nearly all other means of providing Tractor charges, Recharge Mushroom's success is relative to the amount of Home Improvements purchased. Should the player not have purchased many that increase it's spawning locations then it may be relatively hard to acquire. In addition, Recharge Mushrooms are always permanently consumed after picking them up, due to how they will never respawn in that given spot. Because of this, the player may desire to not solely rely on Recharge Mushrooms for faster sources of gaining Tractor charges, and may instead want to utilize other means as well.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect the Recharge Mushroom:


  • Prior to Doom and Bloom, the player could not pick up Recharge Mushrooms if their currently equipped Tractor was already full on charges. In addition, picking up a Recharge Mushroom only filled the current bar of charge instead of adding an entire full unit.
    • This meant that if Shroom-mates spawned a Recharge Mushroom and the player had full charges then they could not pick it up, prolonging the spawning of a new Mushroom.