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Pine Bombers are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

There are two different kinds of pine bomber, depending on the section of the Plains in which they are found. They behave identically, but the version found in the second Plains has significantly more max HP.


Pine bombers are exclusive to the Plains areas, and are found only in Camps. They are unable to move, but have a large aggro range, and will attack by firing pine cone projectiles at the player's location. Similarly to the Demobun's bombs, the landing area will be marked as a circle before the attack hits, giving the player time to move. They do not shoot regular bullets, although they often share their camp with a Bundit Guard.


Pine bombers may be found in the following enemy Camps:

Camp Name Tier 1 Image Tier 2 Image Reward
Squirrel Squirrel camp Squirrel camp 1-5 biome-specific Seeds, with a small chance for rarer seeds
Pickaxe Pickaxe camp Pickaxe camp 1 Pickaxe
(Rarely, 5 Pickaxes)
Flamingo Flamingo camp Flamingo camp 1-2 Rose seeds
Rusty car Rusty car camp Rusty car camp None. Enemies respawn each day.

Difficulty scaling[]

The max health of pine bombers increases depending on the Year, as does the speed of their bullets.

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