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The Pickaxe is a key pickup crucial to expanding the player's Farm.

General Description[]

Pickaxes are uncommon pickups found within various locations, including enemy Camps with crates, which contain one or five Pickaxes, occasionally dropped by Enemies and by cutting Weeds, sold by the Flower Merchant for 100 Cashews each, and through the Pickaxe Pack Item, which will always contain four Pickaxes. By default, the player will start with no Pickaxes, however this can be upgraded up to two by certain Home Improvements. Pickaxes serve as the main method to expand the farmable soil available on the player's Farm. Each one allows the player to break open a single tile of crust, one per Pickaxe, as after doing so the Pickaxe will be consumed. The trade-off, however, is revealing the now tillable soil underneath, ready for tilling and eventually Crops to grow on. Due to how limited Pickaxes are, it is advised to utilize them in a way that allows for the most Megacrops planted at a time. This means attempting to maintain or create as many 2x2 squares of land as possible as the player expands the soil instead of using them in random directions.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Pickaxes: