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The Pea Shooter is the default Weapon.

General Description

The Pea Shooter is the base Weapon the player always begins with at the start of the run. It serves as the most basic of all Weapons, lacking any very special abilities or upgrades with the exception of various Home Improvements. Unlike all other Weapons, the Pea Shooter never breaks, and is always available to the player. It does 18 base damage per shot, with a range of 6 tiles, a firing rate of 3.33 shots per second, and with no clip size. It cannot be upgraded in the Town, but can get small improvements via Permanent Upgrades at the Alien Ant.


Compared to all other Weapons the Pea Shooter is relatively uninteresting, posing only minor advantages. The Pea Shooter's main advantage is being unable to break, allowing it to serve as a last resort for the player's Weapon choice. It is a reliable, if weak, option, and mostly serves as an early-game Weapon, or a desperate fallback later in the game. The Pea Shooter gains much less damage from increases to the Fighting Stat than the other Weapons, combined its slow rate of fire, average range, lack of piercing projectiles, and lack of any fancy frills make it a rather subpar choice for the later Biomes.