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The Parsniper Rifle is a high damaging, long ranged Weapon.

General Description

The Parsniper Rifle is a Weapon that can be purchased in the Town. It fires single-targeting, high damaging projectiles, at 100 base damage each. It has a range as far across the screen as the player can see. The Parsniper possess a base Clip Size of only 2 shots each, meaning players need to aim each shot carefully.


Unlike all other Weapons, the Parsniper has an instant fire rate, where each shot will instantly travel across the screen as soon as the trigger is pressed. In addition, it posses the highest damage per shot of any Weapon, allowing it to easily defeat most Enemies in a single hit. This is further enhanced by it's exclusive Headshot chance upgrade, which allows a chance for the gun to deal much greater damage. Similarly, the Parsniper Rifle can be upgraded to have the exclusive Piercing upgrade, which allows each shot from this gun to pierce and damage every single Enemy it comes into contact with. In addition, the Parsniper Rifle is one of only two Weapons that can provide the Zap upgrade, with the only other being the Spud Rifle. However, the Parsniper's longer reload time, combined with it's extremely small clip size, even with upgrades, limits it's overall damage output. In addition, it is extremely inefficient at clearing small, weak groups of Enemies, making other Weapons more preferable in that regard. Overall, it is designed for when players are attempting to clear out certain Biomes with groups of Enemies with high health.