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Ornithumpters or Bundit Helicopters are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Ornithumpter are an Enemy which appear in all eight Biome areas. The regular Ornithumpter Enemy appears in the first sections of all Biomes, while its upgraded version appears in all second sections and the first Jungle.


Ornithumpthers are found across all Biome areas, and will only spawn in Camps. When undisturbed, they will simply sit in their place. However, if they or another Enemy in the Camp are attacked, they will become aggressive.

They will immediately fly towards the player at a quick pace after moving some distance away. Should they miss their target they will turn and try to hit the player again. If they hit the player they will deal contact damage.

Difficulty Scaling[]

Unlike most other Enemies, Ornithumpter undergo no changes in their health value between Years. They will retain their health of 50 and 350 respectively regardless of the current Year. They will however move faster in later Years.

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