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Oregacrow is a DLC exclusive Character.

General Description[]

Oregacrow is a Character designed around a risk/reward playstyle, as shown with his custom health system. Unlike all other current Characters, Oregacrow is not avaiable for free. Instead, he must be purchased from the Reap What You Crow DLC for $4.99 USD. Oregacrow also features many more custom Items and mechanics than other Characters.


Oregacrow has several upsides, many relating to their unique Cauldron system.


CauldronBronze.gif Cauldrons are a special mechanic exclusive to Oregacrow. They are places where the Oregacrow's Cashew.png Cashew Crops are placed are harvested. Note that any Crops put in Cauldrons will also be sold for Cashew.png Cashews, meaning that Cauldrons will not pull away from the player's profits. Once a Cauldron fills up completely an interact prompt will appear above it, signalling that it is ready. It can then be interacted with and will provide the player a choice between two rewards. There are two main types of Cauldrons; the Oregano Cauldron and the Town Cauldrons. These two categories of Cauldrons have different possible rewards in their pools, however all Cauldrons can give Golden Pupa Items and the Megaton Tractor.

Oregano Cauldron[]

The OreganoCauldron.gif Oregano Cauldron is located on the player's Farm by the well. As its name implies, it requires Oregano in order to be filled up. It can be filled up infinitely so long as the player is able to provide the necessary Oregano. The complete list of all possible rewards from the Oregano Cauldron is shown below. All of the ones shown are repeatable and can thus be obtained multiple times.

Icon Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
OreganoHeart1.png Oregano Heart(s) +1 health Heals the player by the specified amount. Getting these while at max health will contribute to increasing Oregacrow's max health.
OreganoHeart2.png +2 health
OreganoHeart3.png +3 health
BarkFeathers.png Bark Feathers +5% bark skin.
DeervilPen.png Deervil Pen Deervil returns to her den. Can only be found after the player has visited the Deervil's Den. Allows players to reenter the Den and get another Deervil Item.
DefenseBundle.png Defense Bundle Gain a scarecrow and a turret.
Oregaweeds.png Oregaweeds +3 chance cut weeds will drop an oregano seed. In addition to Weeds, this works with Flowers.
SoupThermos.png Soup Thermos +33% chance to heal in the morning. Stacks up to three. Stacking this will add the chances together as opposed to make multiple, separate 33% chances for the effect to activate.

Town Cauldrons[]

The Town Cauldrons are located in the town the player visits each dawn. There are three different types here, each one correllating to the other Cashew.png Cashew Crops Oregacrow has access to; Corn, Rice, and Tomatoes. Unlike the Oregano Cauldron, the Town Cauldrons require many more Crops to be placed in them before being ready to yield rewards. After a Town Cauldron grants a reward, that given one will progress one stage in its color, going from CauldronBronze.gif black to CauldronSilver.gif silver to CauldronGold.gif gold. Town Cauldrons can yield only rewards three times each, making for nine total rewards from all the Town Cauldrons. After a Town Cauldron gives its third reward it will CauldronBroken.png break. Once broken, they will no longer accept any further Crops and will cease functioning. The complete list of all possible rewards from the Town Cauldrons is shown below. With the exception of the Deervil Pen, each of these rewards can only be obtained once.

Icon Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
CrowGlasses.png Crow Glasses Dropped seeds are sometimes rice seeds.
SlowDayFarm.png Dirty Stopwatch Day progresses 30% slower while on your Farm.
SlowDayTundra.png Frozen Clepsyra Day progresses 30% slower while in the Tundra. Applies to both the regular and later Tundra.
SlowDayPlains.png Grass Chronograph Day progresses 30% slower while in the Plains. Applies to both the regular and later Plains.
SlowDayDesert.png Hourglass Day progresses 30% slower while in the Desert. Applies to both the regular and later Desert.
Sunfly.png Sunfly Day is 30 seconds longer and night has one less wave of enemies.
TheCrew.png The Crew Gain one of each animal Gives one of each basic animal type; a Bee, a Chicken, a Cow, and a Pig. Their upgraded versions are not given.
SlowDayJungle.png Teak Horologe Day progresses 30% slower while in the Jungle. Applies to both the regular and later Jungle.
DeervilPen.png Deervil Pen Deervil returns to her den. Can only be found after the player has visited the Deervil's Den. Allows players to reenter the Den and get another Deervil Item.


Oregacrow posseses numerous downsides, ranging from their custom Item to inability obtaining specific Achievements.

Crow Eyes[]

One of Oregacrow's downside is in his custom Item, Crow Eyes. This Item will cause all seed drops to initially be only Corn or Roses, making Biomes-specific seeds no longer exist. Furthermore, the player has to harvest lower quality seeds in order to gather higher quality ones. A Mega Corn will grant two to four Rice seeds, a Mega Rice will grant two to four Tomato Seeds, and a Mega Tomato will given two to four Oregano Seeds. This means that the player cannot gather more valuable seeds from the traditional Biome exploration or through purchasing them at the Flower Merchant. Furthermore, Sunflowers will also cease to appear, destroying that potential source of Cashew.png Cashews.

Oregano Health[]

Oregacrow's health being composed of Oregano instead of Heart Beets can be somewhat difficult to mantain. Because of how players must first manually grow enough Oregano to fill the Oregano Cauldron along with the random chance for the health bundle to have one, two, or three, there are several factors involved before the player can successfully heal.

Ring Benefits[]

An indirect downside of Oregacrow is their interaction with Spouses' Wedding Rings. Any Rings relating to specific Crops will either be impossible to utilize or will have next to no benefit outside of their Stat increases. This is due to Oregacrow possessing a limited Crop pool, none of which involved the required Crops for most Rings. In the case of Rue's Wedding Ring, she will still be able to provide seeds, however they will automatically be converted to Corn through Crow Eyes. None of this means that Oregacrow should avoid marriage entirely, however it does mean it is less fruitful than as other Characters.

Crop-Based Achievements[]

Playing as Oregacrow also makes gathering certain Achievements impossible. This is due to how his mechanics restrict the Crop pool to five specific Crops; Corn, Rice, Tomatoes, Oregano, and Roses. Should the Achievement require Crops outside of this pool then Oregacrow will simply be unable to obtain that Achievement. The complete list of impossible Achievements is shown below.

Icon Name Description Reason For Impossibility
Arboreal Deal Plant 4 different types of mega tree in one run. Impossible since Oregacrow is unable to gather Fruit Tree Saplings.
Extra Fries Harvest 144 potatoes in a 10 seconds span. Impossible since Oregacrow is unable to gather Potato Seeds.
Helios Have 12 fully fertilized Sunflowers at the same time. Large Sunflowers count as 4. Impossible since Oregacrow is unable to gather Sunflower Seeds.
Roll Call Have 20 different types of large crops. Impossible since Oregacrow can only have five types of Megacrops.


Due to the various, unique mechanics Oregacrow has, the player will likely need to alter their traditional strategy while playing as him.


Additional means of watering are even more crucial while playing as Oregacrow. This is because all of their avaliable Crops are among the thirstier variety and therefore require more water than other ones. As such, Items like Cow House, Double-Edged Watering Can, Sprinkler Head, and Cows will be of immense help to insurring Oregacrow's success. These Items should take priority early on in the run until the player has a sufficient amount of watering methods. In addition, certain Wedding Rings such as Borage's Wedding Ring and especially Waterchris's Wedding Ring can assist with this too, as each respective Spouse is capable of watering Crops.

Minimizing Damage[]

Because of Oregacrow's custom health system, finding ways to minimize damage taken will be helpful. Similar to Thyme, Items such as Bubble Shield, Gourds, Harvest Shield, Helpful Worm, Lard, Psychoactive Weeds, and Sow Shield will each be of value. Furthermore, Organic Armor can also be utilized to avoid damage. However, it can not be expected to be found consistently due to being a Golden Pupa Item and being unable to be carried through the Time Capsule. Regardless, any Items that help the player avoid damage will help to limit how often the player needs to heal. This in turn will allow them to recieve more permanent rewards from the Oregano Cauldron to further assist their run.

Miscellaneous Interactions[]

Oregacrow possesses some interactions that do not fit in any other category.

Removed Items[]

Oregacrow cannot find certain Items, some being Beet Drop (Item), Chill Beets, Defibrillators, Heart Beet (Item), or Heart Beet Keikis. This is because most of the aforementioned Items only function with Heart Beets, which Oregacrow lacks access to. Furthermore, the player cannot find Daily Orchard while playing as Oregacrow. This was removed from Oregacrow's pool since it provided essentially no benefit due to Oregacrow's Crow Eyes converting the Fruit Tree Saplings into Corn.

Pumpkin Head[]

Despite how Pumpkins are not a Crop Oregacrow normally has access to, Pumpkin Head will still function normally. This pairs especially well with Oregacrow due to having a semi-reliable source of Scarecrows via the Oregano Cauldron. However, any seed drops from said Pumpkins will still be converted to Corn through the use of Crow Eyes.

Special Camps[]

Oregacrow has a different interaction with special camps like the Squirrel King, Fat Worm, Corral, and Upgrade Chest. Namely, all of these will drop Rose seeds instead of their traditional Heart Beet seeds.

The Squirrel King in particular functions much different overall while playing as Oregacrow. Upon interacting with the Squirrel King, all of the player's Corn seeds will be converted into Rice and Tomato seeds. Furthermore, the Squirrel King will not drop any Oregano seeds despite normally dropping Heart Beet seeds for other Characters.


  • While playing as Oregacrow, the player is unable to meet the Medical Doctor due to the Cauldrons being in their normal place.
  • Oregacrow's name is a mashup of the words "Oregano" and "Crow".
    • This makes him the first Character to have a name based upon the combination of two words as opposed to being a single, plant related word.
  • Oregacrow and Dandelion are currently the only non-human playable Characters available.
  • While playing as Oregacrow, the player used to be able to find Defibrillators despite it being useless as Oregacrow.