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Nitro is a Deervil Item that makes Crops grow ten times faster but makes them burn when thirsty.

General Description[]

Nitro is a Deervil Item that can only be found exclusively in the Deervil's Den. Upon being picked up, most of the player's currently planted Crops and future planted Crops will grow at ten times the normal speed. Note that Fruit Trees and Sunflowers are excluded from this effect. However, whenever these Crops require water they will begin to burn. This essentially means that the player will be able to grow everything extremely quickly but risk losing their entire harvest should they have little to no means of watering. This can make it especially risky when farming Heart Beets or Roses. Because of this, it is advised to keep several methods of watering on hand when attempting to utilize this Item, including Cows, Rain Scrolls, and the Sprinkler Tractor.


Compared to other means of quickly growing crops, Nitro is among the most efficient means. This is because of how its ability to grow Crops at ten times the normal rate practically equates to an instant growth upgrade for nearly all Crops. In addition, Nitro does not features a limited, set radius of its effect, allowing to affect all non-Fruit Trees and Sunflowers Crops at once. Without factoring in its downside, these perks alone can make Nitro superior to other means of speeding up Crop growth, including Growth Aura and Bees. However, due to how Nitro will always burn the vast majority of the player's Crops it will always require plentiful means of watering to counteract this downside. Should the player fail do to this then they will suffer far more than benefit, due to potentially losing their entire harvest. This is unlike other means of speeding up Crop growth, which normally do not pose any direct downsides. Because of this, Nitro is highly situational not only on the player's current setup but also their ability to constantly keep their Crops watered.


  • In 1.3.0Beta7, Nitro used to only have a 33% chance to burn Crops. This was reverted in 1.3.0Beta10.
    • 1.3.0Beta7 was also the patch that made Nitro no longer affect Fruit Trees and Sunflowers.