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The player's Luck increases the odds for rare events to occur during a run.

General Description[]

Luck improves the chances for the player to experience more lucky events. This is done by having every luck-based event in the game include a luck modifier attached to it. The prime examples of these are the drops of Fertilizer, Pickaxes, higher tier seeds, and rare seeds, including Heart Beet, Rose, Pumpkin, and Sunflower seeds. Dicey's Casino is also affected by this as well. In essence, the higher the player's Luck is the more likely they are experience more of these positive events. For the majority of these examples, this simply means more drops of those pickups, with the rate of this varying between each given object. For Fertilizer specifically, one Luck equates to about +1% Fertilizer drop chance. For Dicey's Casino, this means increased chances to get the jackpot or otherwise better drops.


Luck affects specific probabilities of some aspects of the game. How Luck impacts an event is defined by the following equation:

Where Luck is a percent, New Probability is the probability of the event after Luck has been applied, Base Probability is the decimal or whole number corresponding to an event, and Scaling Factor is the coefficient controlling how much Luck affects the event. Some instances include, but are not limited to, what is detailed in the table below.

Image (If Applicable) Name/Effect Scaling Factor
Alien Pet (when breaking an Alien Pod) 0.25
Glass Bottles activating 0.5 (every 20 seconds)
Seeds Sunflower Small.png
Sunflower seed drop 0.5
Seeds Pumpkin Small.png
Pumpkin seed drop 1
Seeds Aloe Vera Small.pngSeeds Carrot Small.png20x20[xSeeds Pineapple Small.pngSeeds Tomato Small.png
Top tier seed drop (includes Aloe, Carrot, Coffee, Pineapple, and Tomato while in their respective Biomes or on the Farm) 1
Golden Goose (up to one per each bridge-value Biome pair, ex: Desert II and Plains II) 1
Fertilizer drop 1
Seeds Potato Small.png
Any seed drop, such as from Enemies 1
The chance for Soil pH Meter to replace a Weed with a Flower 0.5
Dicey's Casino: winning a Rose seed, a Heart Beet seed, any kind of Hawk Scroll, Tier II Farm Animal, or CornucopiaCostIcon.png Cornucopias 0.2
Higher rarities of goods from the Flower Merchant 0.1
Homing Pigeon 0.1
Jump-Start 0.1
Nasal Spray (chance for a Pig or a Hog to spawn a TruffleSellableIcon.png Truffle when digging) 0.5
Borage, Pig, and Hog to decide to break open crust 0.1
Sprinkler Tractor giving a Fruit Tree sapling when used on a Fruit Tree 0.1
Seed drop from breaking unfarmable crust 0.5
Tunneler Tractor chance to break extra crust (after the necessary Home Improvement has been unlocked) 1
Chance for Soil to become Moist when tilled (after necessary Home Improvement has been unlocked) 1.5
Quality of the Cat rewarded at the end of the run. ?
Weapon rarities ?

Sources of Luck[]

There are several utilities both inside and outside the player's run that will increase Luck, including Cat Plushies, Cat Shrines, Home Improvements, Topiaries. Unless otherwise stated, all of the following increases are permanent and will affect all runs after being obtained. The specific sources can be seen below:

Image Name Increase Amount Source Name
Alien Ant Luck Upgrade +1% Luck 1 Alien Ant
Chemist Ant Luck Upgrade +0.5% Luck 1 Chemist Ant
Historian Ant Luck Upgrade +2% Luck 1 Historian Ant
Historian Ant Luck Upgrade +0.5% Luck 1 Historian Ant
Sage Ant Luck Upgrade +2% Luck 2 Sage Ant
Banana Topiary +0.5% Luck 1 Topiaries
Bengal Cat Plushie +0.01% Luck per Bengal Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Shiny Black Cat Plushie +0.015% Luck per Shiny Black Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Cosmic Cat Plushie +0.02% Luck per Cosmic Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Void Cat Plushie +0.03% Luck per Void Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Bundit's Foot +50% Luck (Only for that run) 1 Tree Guardians
Big Cat Statue Upgrade +2% Luck 1 Big Cat Statue
Spring Cat Modifier +20% Luck (Only when the given Shrine is enabled) 1 Spring Cat Shrine
Fall Cat Modifier +10% Luck (Only when the given Shrine is enabled) 1 Fall Cat Shrine
Winter Cat Modifier +10% Luck (Only when the given Shrine is enabled) 1 Winter Cat Shrine
Nuclear Winter Cat Modifier +10% Luck (Only when the given Shrine is enabled) 1 Nuclear Winter Cat Shrine

Note that for the above sources they are all additive, not multiplicative. For example, if the player already has Luck at 4% and purchase the Alien Ant Luck Upgrade, they will have a new Luck value of 5%.