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The player's Luck Stat increases the odds for rarer events to occur during a run.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Luck improves the chances for the player to experience more lucky events. This is done by having every luck-based event in the game include a luck modifier attached to it. The prime examples of these are the drops of Fertilizer, Pickaxes, higher tier seeds, and rare seeds, including Heart Beet, Rose, Pumpkin, and Sunflower seeds. Dicey's Casino is also affected by this as well. In essence, the higher the player's Luck Stat is the more likely they are experience more of these positive events. For the majority of these examples, this simply means more drops of these pickups, with the rate of this varying between each given object. For Fertilizer specifically, one Luck equates to about +1% Fertilizer drop chance. For Dicey's Casino, this means increased chances to get the jackpot or otherwise better drops. There are several utilities both inside and outside the player's run that will increase this, including Home Improvements and Topiaries. The specific sources can be seen below:

Table of Luck Sources[edit | edit source]

Image Name Increase Source Name
Alien Ant Luck Upgrade +1% Luck Alien Ant
Historian Ant Gun Repair Upgrade +2% Luck Historian Ant
Sage Ant Luck Upgrade +2% Luck Sage Ant
Sage Ant Luck Upgrade +2% Luck Sage Ant
Banana Topiary +0.5% Luck Topiaries
Bundit's Foot +50% Luck Tree Guardians

Note that for the above sources they are all additive, not multiplicative. For example, if the player already have a Luck Stat at 4% and purchase the Alien Ant Luck Upgrade, they will have a new Luck Stat of 5%. The maximum possible amount of Luck the player can have is 7.5% or 57.5% if the player obtains Bundit's Foot in addition to the other methods.