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Locusts or sometimes called Fruit Flies are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Locusts are an Enemy exclusive to the Farm. There are two different kinds, with the yellow version having more HP.


Locusts will spawn at night. They will spawn in a group and slowly fly towards the nearest Crop available. Once in reach they will begin to eat away at that given Crop until it is destroyed, at which point they will move on to another. If they are knocked away from the Crop they are eating they will return to it at a hastened pace. Note that because of how Locusts come in groups they can destroy Crops relatively quickly due to each one of them eating the given Crop at once.

Crop Damage[]

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The rate at which Locusts will eat Crops is determined by the size of the given Crop and the current Year the player is playing on. Larger Crops will take longer to consume and in later Years all Crops will be consumed faster.

Difficulty Scaling[]

Unlike most other Enemies, Locusts undergo no changes in their health value between Years. They will retain their health of 60 and 220 respectively regardless of the current Year. They will however destroy Crops faster in later Years.

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