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Lavender is the starting Character in Atomicrops.

General Description[]

Lavender is the first Character players will be able to play as. They feature two perks that increase the growth rate of Crops, effectively making them a Character oriented around such. Lavender does not feature any direct downsides.


Lavender features two upsides; their passive buff to Crop growth rate and their two Bees.


Lavender's primary upside can be found in their custom Item, known as Pollination. This allows all Crops planted to grow 20% faster, effectively only taking 80% of the normal time to grow. This can allow players to grow more Crops within a time frame overall, or can act as a minor substitute for when other means of speeding up Crop growth rate aren't available.

Starting Bees[]

Lavender's other perk is always beginning with two free Bees, which will each individually double the growth rate of any Crops they pollinate. These can be especially helpful earlier on, as coupled with Lavender's passive perk can quickly allow players to grow Crops. Crops that take longer amounts of time to grow work well with this, such as those from the Desert or Tundra and require little water, allowing these Crops to benefit the most from these effects. Likewise, these starting Bees pair extremely well with Trophallaxis, which allows Bees and Hummingbirds to instantly water whatever Crops they are actively pollinating. It is important to note however that Bees do not affect Fruit Trees, and therefore will not be beneficial towards them.


  • Lavender has the largest amounts of Farm Animals in their starting loadout, with two instead of one or zero.