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Jungle Beetles are types of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

There are two different kinds of Jungle Beetles, depending on the section of the Jungle in which they are found. The Jungle Beetle found in the second Jungle area has significantly more max HP.


Jungle Beetles are exclusive to the Jungle areas. They are never found in Camps, instead roaming around the biome, usually in groups of three. They will not actively try to attack the player, however if attacked they will each scatter in random directions at increased speed. They can also hide behind Berry Bushes or behind other obstructions, potentially making them difficult to spot.

Difficulty Scaling[]

Unlike most other Enemies, Jungle Beetles undergo no changes in their health value between Years. They will retain their health of 20 or 80 regardless of the current Year. They will however move faster in later Years.

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