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The player's Jump-Start increases the chance for a Tractor to recharge after use.

General Description[]

Jump-Start adds a chance for a Tractor to be immediately recharged after being used. Upon being activated, a "Jump-Start" message will appear, a particular sound effect will play, and the player will gain a charge on whatever Tractor they most recently used. Note that the "Tractor Ready" prompt is somewhat delayed after gaining a charge with Jump-Start. Despite how this may seem, this will not delay the charge becoming available. This means that after Jump-Start activates the given Tractor will be ready to use immediately despite the recharge message delay. Initially, the player's save begins with zero Jump-Start, which cannot be increased through any Items during the run. Rather, Jump-Start can only be increased through Cat Plushies, Cat Shrines, Home Improvements, and Topiaries. Unless otherwise stated, all of the following increases are permanent and will affect all runs after being obtained. The specific sources can be seen below:

Image Name Increase Amount Source Name
Alien Ant Jump-Start Upgrade +0.5% Jump-Start 1 Alien Ant
Chemist Ant Jump-Start Upgrade +0.5% Jump-Start 1 Chemist Ant
Historian Ant Jump-Start Upgrade +0.5% Jump-Start 1 Historian Ant
Sage Ant Jump-Start Upgrade +0.5% Jump-Start 1 Sage Ant
Calico Cat Plushie +0.01% Jump-Start per Calico Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Cyber Cat Plushie +0.02% Jump-Start per Cyber Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Crop Cat Plushie +0.03% Jump-Start per Crop Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Big Cat Statue Upgrade +1% Jump-Start 1 Big Cat Statue
Nuclear Winter Cat Modifier +10% Jump-Start (Only when the given Shrine is enabled) 1 Nuclear Winter Cat Shrine

Note that for the above sources they are all additive, not multiplicative. For example, if the player already has Jump-Start at 3% and purchase the Sage Ant Jump-Start Upgrade, they will have a new Jump-Start value of 3.5%.