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This page features items that have an effect or use within a year. There are two types of items which appear in the Inventory and are considered upgrades. For details regarding upgrades that persist from year to year, see Home Improvements.

Normal Items[]

Normal items can be obtained from Camps, the Flower Merchant, and Seasonal Festivals.

Normal Items[]

Image Name Description
Turret.png Turret Can be placed on tilled or untilled soil. Shoots at Enemies within a 12x12 grid around it (effectively a 6 tile range, or 9 tiles diagonally) for 15 damage per shot.
TurretScarecrowALootSelected.png Scarecrow Deals damage in an area around it and pushes enemies away, protecting your crops.
Drone.png Drone Follows the player and occasionally attacks Enemies for 100 damage per shot. Does not fire very often, compared to turrets.
PickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe Allows the player to break open a single tile of crust, so that the soil underneath can be farmed. An essential item to collect whenever possible!

Boss Items[]

Boss items have a chance to be dropped after defeating Tree Guardians.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
SuperTurret.png Curret Much better than a regular turret. Shoots twice per second at enemies within a 12x12 grid and deals 25 damage per shot.
OrganicArmor.png Organic Armor Regenerates each morning. Provides one extra heart of health, and regenerates each morning.
TinyThunderCloud.png Tiny Thundercloud Zap! Orbits the player similar to a Drone, but zaps Enemies instead of firing projectile at them.


Upgrades appear in the player's inventory and change the run in a variety of ways.

Standard Upgrades[]

Standard upgrades can be obtained by clearing certain Camps or by giving Roses to potential Spouses. They may also be obtained at Seasonal Festivals, whether as rewards or purchases from the Rose Market.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
FarmStatUpA-resources.assets-265.png Farming Stat Up Increases farming stat by 2. Increases till speed, Weed cutting speed, Watering Pail size, and harvesting radius.
FightStatUpA-resources.assets-1150.png Fighting Stat Up Increases fighting stat by 2. Increases damage and movement speed.
Laxative.png Laxative Farm animals produce fertilizer. This is in addition to the fertilizer that can normally be collected from farm animals; they will periodically drop fertilizer on the ground with this upgrade.
GoldenHoe.png Golden Hoe Tilled soil lasts longer. Allows soil to grow two crops instead of one before needing to be retilled. Pigs, Hogs, and the Megaton Tractor can also provide this effect without needing this item.
BubbleShield.png Bubble Shield Watering crops creates a bubble shield to block projectiles. Watering crops will leave a BubbleShieldPickup 1.png Bubble Shield Pickup which can be picked up to add time to the duration of the Bubble Shield.
AvianPlancenta2.png Avian Placenta Chicken eggs give fertilizer. This item also affects turkey eggs.
Herbicide.png Herbicide Cut an additional weed. When manually cutting weeds, an extra, random adjacent weed will be removed on cutting the targeted weed.
WeedWacker.png Weed Wacker Cut weeds faster.
GrowthAura.png Growth Aura Nearby crops grow much faster. The player will constantly emit an invisible field that boosts crop growth rate in a 5x5 tile area, centered on the player. The boosted speed only lasts while the player remains within 5 tiles of the boosted crop, and crops return to normal growth rate as soon as the player moves too far away, and is boosted again if the player moves closer.
ThankfulCrops.png Thankful Crops Crops have a chance to drop a seed and fertilizer when watered.
FatGrub.png Fat Grub Tilling soil has a chance to drop seeds and fertilizer.
AvianPlacenta.png Chicken Caliochory Chicken eggs give seeds. This item also affects turkey eggs.
PatchFertilizer.png Companion Planting Planting crops of the same type together sometimes rewards fertilizer. Identical Crops planted near each other will reward Fertilizer. The total amount gained scales with the amount of identical Crops planted.
FertilseedPro.png Fertilseed Pro Increase chance of seed drop to 30% when harvesting.
Harvest Moon.png Harvest Moon Crops grow faster at night.
Thorn.png Thorn Orbiting thorn that damages nearby enemies. Slowly orbits around the player and deal 80 damage to any Enemies it comes into contact with. All Enemies killed with Thorns will always drop Fertilizer.
MicroMissileMod.png Cabbage White All guns fire an explosive butterfly. Weapons will randomly fire an explosive butterfly, which slowly homes towards the nearest Enemies within it's short range before exploding, dealing 120 damage in a small area.
RustyShocks.png Rusty Shocks Increase turret and drone damage and knockback. Increases damage of turrets, Currets, and drones by 50%.
Microchip.png Microchip Turrets and drones fire faster. Increases firing rate of turrets, drones, and Currets by roughly 30% (more testing needed)
ButcherBayonet.png Butcher Bayonet All guns fire a butcher knife. Random chance while fire button is held down to launch a Butcher's Knife.
LaserTracker.png Laser Tracker Increase turret and drone range.
SquirrelPack.png Squirrel Pocket All guns fire a flying squirrel. Weapons have a chance to fire a flying squirrel projectile while fire is held down.



Gourd Blocks bullets. Gourds will slowly rotate around the player, opposite each other if multiple are owned. Enemy bullets that collide with the gourd are harmlessly destroyed. Players can have up to three Gourds at any time. If Thorns are also owned, the Gourd will stay just behind the Thorns, protecting the player and allowing the Thorns to be used more safely.
SowShield.png Sow Shield Planting a seed destroys nearby enemy bullets.
SproutEnergy.png Sprout Energy Planting a seed charges a powerful blast. Planting seeds will charge a powerful blast that scales in size and damage with each seed planted. The blast is released next time the player fires their gun.
HelpfulWorm.png Helpful Worm Tilling uncovers helpful worms. Tilling soil will always yield a WormPickup.png Worm Pickup. Picking them up adds one segment to the worm follower. Each segment can block one bullet before being destroyed, however explosives from certain Enemies can destroy multiple segments. The worm follower will continuously follow behind the player and occasionally drop Fertilizer..
RazorWeeds.png Razor Weeds Cutting weeds damages nearby enemies. Affects both the player and Chickens. Deals 120 damage in a large area.
RootSoldier.png Root Soldier Harvesting a crop creates a root soldier. Any crops harvested will spawn a Root Solider. Root Soldiers wander randomly and rapidly fire projectiles at Enemies. Root Soldiers will disappear after 10 seconds.
Horse.png Horse Neigh! Run 66.67% faster after 3 seconds without combat or farming. Firing your weapon, taking damage, or performing any farming action, with the exception of harvesting crops, will cancel the effect if active and reset the timer on the horse activating if not.
PsychoactiveWeeds.png Psychoactive Weeds Cutting weeds decreases enemy bullet speed and increases move speed. Weeds cut by the players will add time to the duration of the effect. Weeds cut by Chickens or the Wacker Tractor will leave a Psychoactive WeedsPickup.png Psychoactive Weed Pickup that can be picked up to add time to the duration of the effect. Psychoactive Weed Pickups will despawn after a certain amount of time.
Rake.png Rake Rake in the loot. Increases item pickup radius to an 8x8 grid centered on the player (e.g. collects items from up to 4 tiles away in cardinal directions, and up to, effectively, 6 tiles away diagonally). Berries and eggs are not affected, but all other items that are collected by simply walking over them are sucked in by this item.
SprinklerHead.png Sprinkler Head Turrets water nearby crops.
TillMissile.png Burrowed Butterfly Tilling soil or breaking crust fires an explosive butterfly. Tilling soil will spawn an explosive butterfly, which slowly homes towards the nearest Enemies within it's short range before exploding, dealing 120 damage in a small area.
WaterWitching.png Water Witching Watering crops zaps nearby enemies for half health.
TurretGrowthAura.png Turret Growth Aura Crops near turrets grow much faster. Crops within a 5x5 square around the Turret will grow faster.
Polygamy.png Polygamy Your love knows no bounds. Allows players to marry multiple Spouses with no maximum.
PH MoveSpeedA.png Sweatband Run faster. Increases movement speed by ???. (Needs testing.)
PH MoveSpeedB.png Track Pants Run faster. Increases movement speed by 25%.
AddTimeSow.png Chrono Seeds Sowing seeds increases day length. Sowing seeds will add a bit of time to the day's length.
AddTimeWeedCut.png Chrono Weeds Cutting weeds increases day length. Cutting weeds will increase the day's length by a tiny amount. This item's effect is incredibly minor, and it would be more accurate to say that cutting weeds will stall the day's timer slightly than to say it gives you more daytime to work with. Chickens and Turkeys will trigger this item whenever they pluck a weed, even if they are not anywhere near you.
Hotwire.png Hotwire Can use tractors before they are ready but doing so has a %50 chance to damage you. Allows players to use their Tractor prematurely but at a 50% chance to hurt. The damage taken is not blocked by invincibility frames.
DailyTree.png Daily Orchard Gain a tree everyday. The tree must be manually collected from the sack next to the well, or else it is lost. A tree will already be available on the day that the item is picked up.
WellMushroom.png Shroom-mates Mushrooms grow near your well. Mushrooms will spawn near the player's Well on the Farm. One new Mushroom will appear at the start of a new day, however new Mushrooms will regrow overtime after one is eaten.
FertOnDamageTaken.png Fraidy Fert Create fertilizer when damaged.
ReduceEnemyBulletSpeed.png Lard Reduce enemy bullet speeds.
AddDaytimeA.png Daylight Savings Days last longer.
ScarecrowDamage.png Scary Mask Scarecrows deal more damage.
FarmBoostOnTractor.png Air Freshener Become energized when a tractor is used.
WeedHarvest.png Vinaigrette Weeds are harvestable. Every weed that is cut will reward two Cashews each.
MissilesOnMerge.png Butterfly Nest Release explosive butterflies when crops merge. Merging Crops into Megacrops will spawn some explosive butterflies, which slowly homes towards the nearest Enemies within their short range before exploding, dealing 120 damage in a small area.
Bloodlust.png Bloodlust Being energized doubles damage and increases speed.
WeedCutOnKill.png Herbicidal Blood Killing enemies cuts nearby weeds. Has a small radius; frequently only cuts 2-4 weeds when triggered.
RoachKiller.png Roach Killer Kills nearby roaches. Instantly kills any Roaches that enter a 4-tile radius around the player. Faint dust clouds will occasionally appear at the edge of this item's effect in a ring around the player to help visualize the area.
BeeWatering.png Trophallaxis Bees water crops. Allows Bees to water Crops as they pollinate them.
WateringSpeed.png Squirt Gun Water crops faster.
BoostWater.png Hose Water more crops when energized. Allows players to water several more crops while energized.
Ginseng.png Ginseng Stay energized longer. Increases the duration of being energized prior to completing another task.
DoubleWateringCan.png Double-Edged Watering Can Can water two plants at once.
BackupGenerator.png Backup Generator Hold an extra tractor charge.
RoseBouquet.png Rose Bouquet Gain roses. Instantly gives 6 Roses. Does not give rose seeds.
HeartBeetLootLarge 0.png Heart Beet (Item) Grow and harvest to heal. Gives 4 Heart Beet Seeds.
AddTimeRoseHarvest.png Early to Rose Harvesting Roses increases day length. Each harvested Rose will increase the day's length by 4 seconds, and a Mega Rose will provide 20 seconds.
AddTimeHeartBeet.png Chill Beets Harvesting Heart Beets increases day length. Each harvested Heart Beet will increase the day's length by 5 seconds, and a Mega Heart Beet will provide 25 seconds.
WhiskeyShot.png Whiskey Shot Taking damage reduces tractor cooldown.
FertilizerFuelConverter.png Fertilizer Fuel Converter Collecting fertilizer reduces tractor cooldown.
DoubleCream.png Double Cream Foraging berries reduces Tractor cooldown. Works with berries. The amount of charge gained is based on the price of the berries.
HarvestShield.png Harvest Shield Harvesting a Crop destroys nearby Enemy bullets. Also extends to most other enemy projectiles. Does not work on skulls.
BeesonWhisperer.png Beeson Whisperer Beeson are harmless and drop fertilizer on contact.
KillToBoost.png Coffee Cup Become energized by killing enemies.
Sling.png Sling Shoot a bullet when a seed or Fertilizer is picked up.
AdrenalBulb.png Adrenal Bulb Always energized when at low health.
SwineTurretTumors.png Swine Turret Tumors Pigs have turrets on their back. Turret upgrades apply
PigWings.png Pig Wings Pigs move faster
SnotNose.png Snot Nose Pigs till Moist Soil - Crops grow very fast while soil remains moist.
CattleTurretTumors.png Cattle Turret Tumors Cows have turrets on their back. Turret upgrades apply
PlasticBuckets.png Plastic Buckets Cows carry more water and move faster.
ToughHide.png Tough Hide Cows block bullets and drop Fertilizer when a bullet is blocked.
Beehive.png Beehive Gain 3 Bees.
MudPit.png Mud Pit Gain 3 Pigs.
EggCarton.png Egg Carton Gain 3 Chickens.
CowHouse.png Cow House Gain 3 Cows.
MatryoshkaTurret.png Matryoshka Turret Gain 3 Turrets.
BoxofElectronics.png Box of Electronics Gain 2 Drones.
HeartBeetMonitors.png Heart Beet Monitor Continually energize friends when health is low.
StrawMegaphone.png Straw Megaphone Scarecrows sometimes energize nearby friends.
DiscoBall.png Disco Ball Energize all friends when you become energized.
Zealot.png Zealot Chance to energize a friend when an Enemy is killed.
Doveotee.png Doveotee Energize all friends when you use a pigeon
GardenCry.png Garden Cry Energize all friends to max when you take damage.
HerbicidalSoil.png Herbicidal Soil Weeds don't grow on soil.
Squaredown.png Squaredown Weeds grow and spread faster.
SucculentWeeds.png Succulent Weeds Gain more Fertilizer and seeds when cutting weeds.
PollenBlood.png Pollen Blood Killing Enemies turns weeds into Flowers.
BloodBouquet.png Blood Bouquet Weeds turn into Flowers when you take damage.
SoilpHMeter.png Soil pH Meter Flowers grow on soil instead of weeds.
SpringChicken.png Spring Chicken Chickens and Turkeys have a 50% chance to turn weeds into Flowers
Hipbees.png Hipbees Bees and Hummingbirds turn weeds into Flowers.
Bloomers.png Bloomers Some old weeds become Flowers.
FumeAdditive.png Fume Additive Energize all friends when you use a Tractor.

Character Specific Upgrades[]

Character Specific Upgrades are exclusive to the Character the player is currently playing. The majority of these upgrades are given in the player's starting loadout, and cannot be found by other Characters.

Image Name Character Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
LavIncreaseGrowthRate.png Pollination Lavender All crops grow faster. All Crops grow 20% faster.
RyeGunDurability.png Mechanic Rye Adds 100% Bonus Gun Mod chance. Although the Bonus Gun Mod chance can stack above 100% with other Upgrades and Unlocks, no more than 1 Bonus Mod can be obtained per gun.
RobGameSpeed.png Coffee Addict Robusta Everything is faster. Doubles the speed of the game.
DandelionDefaultUpgrade.png Breezy Dandelion Drifty movement. Causes movement to require a slow ramp up upon starting or stopping. The effect is lessened with any movement speed ups, allowing the player to control Dandelion more easily.
DandUpgradeStackable 0.png Dandelion Puff Dandelion Increase move speed, farming, and fighting stats. Randomly spawns and floats around when playing as Dandelion, and must be collected.
BotanistMod1.png Thymepiece Thyme Days are 50% longer. Taking damage reduces day duration. Any damage taken will subtract twenty seconds from the current day length. This effect lasts only for that day.

Wedding Rings[]

Wedding rings are obtained after marrying one of the many datable characters. The specific ring is dependent on which Spouse that is married.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
HippieWeddingRing.png Borage's Wedding Ring Increase farming stat. Broccoli grows instantly. Increases Farming Stat by 3 points.
EmoWeddingRing.png Rue's Wedding Ring Increases fighting stat. Rue will sometimes find pumpkin seeds for you. Increases Fighting Stat by 3 points.
RingFurryosa.png Furryosa's Wedding Ring Increases fighting stat. Carrots grow instantly. Increases Fighting Stat by 3 points.
NormanWeddingRing.png Norman's Wedding Ring Increases fighting stat. Pineapples grow instantly. Increases Fighting Stat by 3 points.
RingWaterchris.png Waterchris's Wedding Ring Increases farming stat. The next few large Aloe yield health on harvest. Increases Farming Stat by 3 points. The next four Mega Aloe each drop a Heart Beet Seed.

Boss Upgrades[]

Boss upgrades are awarded by killing a Tree Guardian.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
Cleats.png Cleats Running tills soil. Walking over soil will instantly till it. The Golden Hoe item will provide its bonus to this effect.
WeedStep.png Crampons Running cuts weeds. Walking over weeds or objects will instantly remove them. Items that trigger from cutting weeds will activate, with the exception of the additional cut weed from Herbicide.
Resilience.png Resilience Crops spread onto hard crust soil. Planted Crops will spawn identical Crops in the nearby crust tiles around them.
ExtraTractorSlot.png Extra Tractor Slot Hold an extra tractor.
DailyScroll.png Dovecote Receive a scroll every morning. Spawns one free Pigeon Scroll each morning. Beginning in Summer, this scroll can be a Dove Scroll and beginning in Fall this scroll can be a Hawk Scroll.
AllStatUp-resources.assets-267.png Stats Up Increases farming and fighting stats by 2.
InstantRoses.png Flamingo Friend Gain some rose seeds and roses grow instantly. Only provides rose seeds, which will still need to be sown and harvested.

HeartBeetOnDamage.png Beet Drop (Item) +25% chance to drop a Heart Beet Seed when damaged. This item stacks additively with any beet drop chance from permanent upgrades.
BigLuck.png Bundit's Foot Increases luck by 50%. This item stacks additively with any luck from permanent upgrades.
Flying.png Duck Wings Fly like a duck! Allows player to pass over holes in the ground, and to zones without bridges. Also removes contact from Megacrops.
ParticipationTrophy.png Participation Trophy Crops merge without fertilizer. Megacrops no longer require fertilizer to be created.
FertilizedEggs.png Fertile Eggs Eggs sometimes hatch. Adds a chance to gain an additional chicken or turkey when collecting the respective egg, accompanied by a puff of feathers and a "Bkaw!" message. Current testing shows around an 8% chance to proc; however, more data is needed.
MysteriousFlower.png Mysterious Flower It smells bad. Gives the player Fertilizer and revives them with 1 Heart Beet if they die.
AtomicOrchid.png Atomic Orchid Gain an upgrade everyday. Cannot get Pupa upgrades, Wedding Rings, or Deervil upgrades
SoftFur.png Soft Fur Pet Farm Animals to energize them. Walk into Farm Animals to energize them.
PumpkinHead.png Pumpkin Head Pumpkins grow around Scarecrows. Pumpkins grow in every plot adjacent to a Scarecrow.
TurretStakes.png Turret Stakes Turrets and Scarecrows can be deployed on hard crust. Turrets and Scarecrows can be planted anywhere on the farm.
Defibrillators.png Defibrillators Heart Beets grow instantly and gain a Heart Beet. The player is given a single Heart Beet seed, not a Heart Beet
NasalSpray.png Nasal Spray Pigs can find truffles when tilling. TruffleSellableIcon.png Truffles are worth 200 Cashews.
GlassBottles.png Glass Bottles Cows produce milk. MilkSellableIcon.png Cow Milk is worth 60 Cashews and Milk2SellableIcon.png Grass-Fed Cow Milk is worth 90 Cashews.

Deervil Upgrades[]

Deervil Upgrades are found in the Deervil's Den.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear)
Hamsters.png Hamsters Infinite Fertilizer but become relentlessly pursued by Wasps. Effect ends when damage taken.
HeartBeetKeikis.png Heart Beet Keikis Lose all max Heart Beets except one. Gain 4 Heart Beet seeds for each max Heart Beet lost.
IrrigatingMoles.png Irrigating Moles Crops don't need water but your farm attracts more Moles and they appear at night. Effect ends when damage taken.
Nitro.png Nitro Crops grow 10x faster but burn when thirsty. Does not affect Fruit Trees or Sunflowers.
ReptilianSolstice.png Reptilian Solstice Tomorrow is 2x longer but a lizard will pursue you all day. Only the daytime becomes twice as long. However, the Lizard will continue to pursue the player at night. Entire effect ends after the end of the day.