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Irrigating Moles is a Deervil Item that makes all Crops no longer need any water at the expense of Moles appearing at night until the player takes damage.

General Description[]

Irrigating Moles is a Deervil Item that can only be found exclusively in the Deervil's Den. Upon being picked up, all of the player's currently planted Crops and future planted Crops will no longer require any water to grow. However, both kinds of Moles will begin appearing on the player's Farm in addition to their normal appearance during the day. This effectively means that there will be far fewer points when the player is free of the annoyance of Moles. This entire effect ends the next time the player takes damage.


Compared to other means of watering, Irrigating Moles is among the more efficient methods, as it outright removes any and all Crops needing water in the first place. This in turn can render other means of watering unnecessary, such as Cows or the Double-Edged Watering Can. However, because of how this Item's effect can be completely lost players will likely desire to maintain other means of watering should that event occur. In addition, because of how this Item works only until the player takes damage they will be unable to use Items that incentivize taking damage. These include Items like Garden Cry, Hotwire, or Whiskey Shot. Furthermore, the appearance of Moles at night can make the player's Farm more dangerous overall, something that other means of watering do not normally do. Because of this, Irrigating Moles is highly situational not only on the player's current setup but also their ability to not take damage.


  • This name "Irrigating Moles" is a pun on the word "irritating", due to Moles being a nuisance.