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Example inventory page

The Inventory is a menu with various information.

General Description[]

The Inventory is a menu screen that displays relevant information about the player, their Items, Spouse, current score, Cornucopias, explored Map, and more during the current run.

The Inventory screen does not include information about any owned seeds, Scarecrows, or Turrets, as they are stored in the separate seed inventory.

On the Nintendo Switch version of Atomicrops, the - (minus) button brings up the inventory screen.

Upper Left Section[]

The section with the green background holds the information about items and farming equipment.


Collected Items are displayed in the uppermost area, and information about the selected Item is displayed underneath. Note that it is technically possible to amass more Items that can be displayed at once, causing older ones to be unable to viewed. Any Items that suffer from this will still maintain their effects however. The player begins the with any Items their given Character brings in their starting loadout.

The current Tractor (if any) is displayed to the left of the Item information box. Selecting their icon will bring up an information box about it.

Any held Scrolls are displayed underneath the Tractor. Selecting their icon will bring up an information box about it.

Lower Left Section[]

The pinkish row under the green section shows information about the selected Character and combat-relevant information.


Information about the current Weapon is at the bottom, to the right of the selected Character. Upgrades to that Weapon are displayed underneath the Weapon. Selecting their icon will being up an information box about it.


The name of the selected Character and the current Stats are to the right of the current weapon. The red skull icon represents the Fighting Stat, while the green seedling icon represents the Farming Stat.


The Spouse is depicted to the left of the map. If Polygamy is active, then the player can have more than one Spouse, however one will still be displayed.

Right Column[]

The right column shows the current score, the total number of Cornucopias, and the Map. In addition, there is an area that depicts which and how many of which Farm Animals the player currently has, with tier I ones on top and tier II ones on the bottom, all with a number indicating their amount.


The Map is filled out more as the player explores. Brown circles on the map represent the holes where the player can fast-travel to their Farm.