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The Hummingbird is a type of Farm Animal. It is a direct upgrade of the Bee.

General Description[]

Hummingbirds speed up the growth of Crops by pollinating them. A hummingbird can affect all the crops in an area, during which their growth rates are doubled. Hummingbirds do not affect Fruit Trees or Sunflowers.

With Hipbees, they can pollinate Weeds to turn them into Flowers, and with Trophallaxis, they will instantly water crops that they pollinate. If hummingbirds have no crops (or weeds) to pollinate, they will gather in a flock beside the Farm well until they can work.


Hummingbirds can be bought, given, or rescued from Camps.


The second area of each Biome may have Camps containing hummingbirds. One is the "Farm Animals" camp, where clearing the Enemies from the camp rewards the player with a choice between two farm animals. The other type is the "Corral" camp: clearing the enemies will grant the player all the animals inside the corral, which may include a hummingbird.


The Garden Shop in Town has a small chance to sell hummingbirds in fall and winter, for 1600 Cashew.png or 2500 Cashew.png depending on the Season.
At Seasonal Festivals, the Rose Market also has a chance to sell hummingbirds, in exchange for 4 RoseIcon.png. They are also a rare prize at the Seasonal Festival Casino.


Depending on the player's Yield Score at the Seasonal Festival, they may be awarded items. One of those items has a chance to be a Farm Animal, with a higher chance of gaining an upgraded Farm Animal in fall and winter.


If the player has the Hipbees upgrade, hummingbirds will pollinate Weeds, turning them into Flowers. These must be collected by walking over them, cutting them, or by using the harvest circle. Flowers are worth from 5 to 20 Cashew.png each depending on the color, with purple flowers being the most valuable.

Related Items[]

  • CarrotTractorHudIcon.png Carrot Tractor: Energizes all friends when used, among other effects.
  • Doveotee.png Doveotee: Hummingbirds and other friends become energised when the player uses a Scroll.
  • DiscoBall.png Disco Ball: Hummingbirds and other friends become energised whenever the player is.
  • FumeAdditive.png Fume Additive: Hummingbirds and other friends become energised when the player uses a Tractor.
  • GardenCry.png Garden Cry: Hummingbirds and other friends become energised when the player takes damage.
  • HeartBeetMonitor.png Heart Beet Monitor: Hummingbirds and other friends are energised whenever the player is at low health.
  • Hipbees.png Hipbees: Hummingbirds and bees pollinate weeds and turn them into Flowers.
  • Laxative.png Laxative: Hummingbirds and other farm animals periodically drop Fertilizer.
  • SoftFur.png Soft Fur: Hummingbirds and other farm animals become energised when the player walks into them.
  • StrawMegaphone.png Straw Megaphone: Scarecrows can sometimes energize any bees or other friends close to them.
  • BeeWatering.png Trophallaxis: Hummingbirdand bees automatically water the crops they pollinate.
  • Zealot.png Zealot: Hummingbirds and other friends may become energized when an Enemy is killed.