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Permanent upgrades are purchased from the Ant Builder using Cornucopias. The cost of each upgrade starts at 3 Cornucopias and increases linearly at a rate of 1 up to a maximum of 20. Once the cost reaches 20, the ant will no longer offer additional upgrades. However, despite this no upgrades are missable. This means that players will be able to purchase all 16 or 17 upgrades listed by the Ants and not have to pick and choose. Some upgrades are unique and others are repeatable. Repeatable upgrades are denoted by an asterisk *.

Shared Improvements[edit | edit source]

There are certain improvements which all ants may offer to the player. These improvements will be offered multiple times, allowing the player to increase their effect.

Shared Upgrades
AlienGunRepairUpgrade.pngEngGunRepairUpgrade.pngHistGunRepairUpgrade.png +1% Gun Repair - Chance that gun won't break at the end of the day.
AlienBarkSkinUpgrade.pngChemBarkSkinUpgrade.pngEngBarkSkinUpgrade.pngSageBarkSkinUpgrade.png +1% Bark Skin - Chance to block damage.
AlienBeetDropUpgrade.png +1% Beet Drop - Chance to drop a Heart Beet Seed when damaged.

Alien Ant[edit | edit source]

The Alien Ant primarily offers upgrades that improve weapons.

Alien Ant
AlienDefaultGunRangeUpgrade.png Increase starting gun range by 25%.
AlienDefaultGunRateOfFireUpgrade.png Increase starting gun rate of fire by 10%.
AlienDefaultGunAccuracyUpgrade.png Improve accuracy of starting gun by 50%.
AlienDefaultGunBulletSpeedUpgrade.png Increase bullet speed of starting gun by 30%
AlienDefaultGunCritUpgrade.png Adds 10% critical strike chance for starting gun.
AlienSquirrelGunFreeUpgrade.png Flying Squirrels gun starts with an upgrade.
AlienButcherKnifeFreeUpgrade.png Butcher’s Knife starts with an upgrade.
AlienFreeUpgradeChanceUpgrade.png Guns have a 2% change to start with an upgrade. *
AlienDefaultGunCritUpgrade.png Adds 10% critical strike chance for starting gun.
AlienLuckUpgrade.png +1 Luck
AlienDayLengthUpgrade.png Days last 3 seconds longer.
AlienHeartBeetGrowthRateUpgrade.png Heart Beets grow 10% faster.*

Chemist Ant[edit | edit source]

The Chemist Ant focuses on improving Mushrooms.

Chemist Ant
Bosses drop Cornicopias.
Unlock Berserk Mushroom - Increase damage and speed temporarily.
Stay energized longer.
Unlock Time Mushroom - Increase current day's length.
More Mushrooms.
Gain more Cornicopias at Season Festival.
Mushrooms grow near bridges.
Slightly increase duration of mushroom effects.*
Become energized with less tasks.
Unlock Fertilizer Mushroom - All enemies drop more fertilizer temporarily.
Unlock Recharge Mushroom - Gain a tractor charge.

Engineer Ant[edit | edit source]

The Engineer Ant offers upgrades that affect tractors and scrolls.

Engineer Ant
Earthquake breaks additional soil crust.
Increase rain cloud duration by 20%.
Blood rain drops additional fertilizer.
Increase Wacker Tractor distance and width.
Increase Wood Chipper Tractor radius.
Pigeons will occasionally be sold in town at the gardening shop.
Found tractors start full charged.
Slightly reduce tractor cooldowns.*
Purchased tractors start full charged.
Pigeons will sometimes drop from bosses.
Anemochory has a 10% chance to sow higher tier seeds and a 3% chance to sow pumpkins or roses.
Increase Sprinkler Tractor duration and watering radius.

Historian Ant[edit | edit source]

The Historian Ant provides upgrades that focus on improving your next run based on how you did in your previous run.

Historian Ant
Keep a random upgrade from your previous run if you survived until fall.
Keep a random upgrade from your previous run if you survived until Nuclear Winter.
Start with 1 additional seed for each season survived last run. *
Start with a random farm animal if you survived until Winter in the previous run.
Start with 2 heart sprouts at the start of your next run if you survived until Summer in the previous run.
Start with an additional 2 fertilizer for each season survived in the previous run. *
Start with an additional pickaxe.*
+2 Luck
Stay energized longer.
Become energized with less tasks.

Sage Ant[edit | edit source]

The Sage Ant's upgrades focus on stat and time improvements.

Sage Ant
SageDayLengthUpgrade.png Days last a few seconds longer. *
Dusk lasts a few seconds longer *
Start with +1 to fighting stat.*
SageStartFarmingStatUpgrade.png Start with +1 to farming stat.*
SageStartingHealthUpgrade.png Start with +1 heart beet.
SageRunSpeedUpgrade.png Run slightly faster.*
SageLuckUpgrade.png +2 Luck *