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Heart Beet Keikis is a Deervil Item that provides the player with additional Heart Beet Seeds at the expense of losing max health.

General Description[]

Heart Beet Keikis is a Deervil Item that can only be found exclusively in the Deervil's Den. Upon being picked up, the player will immediately lose all of their max health except for a single one. In exchange for this sacrifice, they will be awarded with four Heart Beet Seeds per max health they lost. For example, if a player were to take this Item with nine max health then Heart beet Keikis would provide 36 Heart Beet Seeds. This can make this Item more valuable for earlier Years, as the player starts with more max health during those. Because of how the Deervil's Den is located out in one of the many different Biomes, the player will have to voyage a risky trek because of their now one max health. Due to the nature of many of these Biomes, it is advised to return to the Farm as soon as possible in order to rebuild the player's max health. Doing so will help to limit the odds of dying following acquiring this Item. It is important to note that this Item can be transferred through the Time Capsule, and as such may prove detrimental to the player's next run when taken from the start.


Compared to other means of obtaining Heart Beet Seeds, Heart Beet Keikis can potentially serve as one of the best. This is because of how it can be consistently relied upon to deliver overall more health than the player initially had, due to awarding four per X max health. However, this is also a partial downfall of this Item. Because of how the player will never know what Items they will find offered in the Deervil's Den, in addition to how they cannot reenter once they leave, it renders them unable to benefit completely from this Item. This in turn means that, unless the player has already substantially increased their max health beforehand, they will not be able to reap the full benefits of this Item. This also means that this Item is not as valuable during later Years, due to the player starting with lower max health. Furthermore, the temporary decrease to one max health, while amendable, poses a major risk, as players could potentially immediately die after taking this Item. Due to this, Heart Beet Keikis is highly situational as a means to gain more Heart Beet Seeds, depending not only on the player's current max health but also what Year they are playing on and their odds of survivability after taking this Item.