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AddDaytimeA.png This article is about the crop. For the upgrade, see Heart Beet (Item).

The Heart Beet is a unique Crop which restores the player's Health when harvested.

General Description[]

Heart Beets do not exist as physical crops, and cannot be sold or traded for items. Instead, they are used to represent the player's HeartBeetFull.png health in the UI with, and HeartBeetEmpty.png deplete when damage is taken. Empty slots are replenished by harvesting fully-grown Heart Beet crops. Normal Heart Beet crops restore the player's health by 1HeartBeetFull.png, while Heart Beet Megacrops restore 5HeartBeetFull.png.

The total number of slots cannot be increased by harvesting Heart Beets alone. However, fully fertilizing a Heart Beat crop will grant a HeartSprout.png Heart Sprout on harvest (2 for a fully-fertilized Megacrop). Collecting four Heart Sprouts will add one extra Heart Beet to the player's total health.


Finding Heart Beet Seeds[]

Heart Beets must be grown and harvested to obtain their effects.

The following actions have a chance of dropping a Heart Beet seed:

The greater the player's Luck stat, the greater the chance of finding Heart Beet seeds with these methods.

The following actions guarantee a Heart Beet seed:

Potential Spouses may offer seeds in exchange for Roses. Seeds are also sometimes available to purchase from the Flower Merchant in Town, or from the Rose Market during Seasonal Festivals.

Fertilization and Megacrop Variant[]

Fertilizing 4 Heart Beets spawns a megacrop that heals 5 Heart Beets instead of 4.


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Finding Heart Sprouts[]

In addition to harvesting a fully-fertilized Heart Beet crop or Megacrop.

  • The Historian Ant offers an upgrade which grants 2 Heart Sprouts at the start of a run, provided that you survived until Summer in the previous run.

Related Items[]

Obtaining Seeds[]

Growing Heart Beets[]


  • BubbleShield.png Bubble Shield: Watering crops shields the player from bullets.
  • MissilesOnMerge.png Butterfly Nest: Merging crops into a megacrop spawns some explosive butterflies, which target Enemies.
  • AddTimeHeartBeet.png Chill Beets: Harvesting heart beets increases day length by 5 seconds (25 for megacrop heart beets).
  • AddTimeSow.png Chrono Seeds: Increases day length a small amount per seed planted.
  • PatchFertilizer.png Companion Planting: Planting multiple crops of the same type near each other drops fertilizer.
  • DoubleWateringCan.png Double-Edged Watering Can: The player can water two crops at once.
  • HarvestShield.png Harvest Shield: Harvesting a crop destroys enemy bullets.
  • BoostWater.png Hose: The player can water three separate crops at once while energized.
  • RootSoldier.png Root Soldier: Harvesting crops spawns a root soldier, which will attack enemies.
  • WaterWitching.png Water Witching: Watering crops zaps nearby enemies for 50% of their health.


Megacrop heart beets are able to count towards the "Roll Call" Achievement.