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Hamsters is a Deervil Item that provides the player with infinite Fertilizer at the expense of Wasps constantly following the player until they take damage.

General Description[]

Hamsters is a Deervil Item that can only be found exclusively in the Deervil's Den. Upon being picked up, the player will gain infinite Fertilizer. Note that there the players current fertilizer count will not display "infinite" or anything of the sort. Instead, it will remain as the number it was before Hamsters was picked up, but will not decrease when the fertilization key is used. The player will also be able to continue collecting Fertilizer with this Item, but it won't be used unless the effect of Hamsters ends. The player will also begin to be chased by Wasps that will constantly be respawning, even after being killed. A maximum of ten Wasps can be chasing the player at a time. This entire effect ends the next time the player takes damage.


Compared to other means of gathering Fertilizer, Hamsters is among the more efficient methods, as it outright provides an endless amount for the player to use. This effectively means that the player can fully fertilize everything and anything with no care of prioritization. This is unlike other means of gathering Fertilizer, which still require the player to utilize their Fertilizer in a more efficient manner. However, because of how this Item's effect can be completely lost players will likely desire to maintain other means of gathering Fertilizer should that event occur. In addition, because of how this Item works only until the player takes damage they will be unable to use Items that incentivize taking damage. These include Items like Garden Cry, Hotwire, or Whiskey Shot. Furthermore, the appearance of Wasps everywhere the player goes can make their run more dangerous overall, something that other means of gathering Fertilizer do not normally do. Hamsters is also very slow to fertilize Crops in practice, going by the slowest dropping speed instead of rates seen at high Fertilizer values. Because of this, Hamsters is highly situational not only on the player's current setup but also their ability to not take damage.