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The player's Gun Repair increases the chance for Weapons to be fixed at the end of the day.

General Description[]

Gun Repair adds a chance for the player's current Weapon to be repaired at the end of the current day, allowing it to be used again for the next day. All repaired Weapons will retain all of their upgrades they have received previously. There is no limit on how many times Gun Repair can occur; the same Weapons can be repaired multiple days in a row. All of these combined attributes make Gun Repair a potential source of saving Cashews, which in turn can be spent on other utilities instead. Initially, the player's save begins with zero Gun Repair, which cannot be increased through any Items during the run. However, playing as Rye provides a 50% bonus Gun Repair chance, due to his Mechanic perk. Otherwise, Gun Repair can only be increased through Cat Plushies, Cat Shrines, Home Improvements, Topiaries. Unless otherwise stated, all of the following increases are permanent and will affect all runs after being obtained. The specific sources can be seen below:

Image Name Increase Amount Source Name
Alien Ant Gun Repair Upgrade +1% Gun Repair 2 Alien Ant
Engineer Ant Gun Repair Upgrade +1% Gun Repair 2 Engineer Ant
Historian Ant Gun Repair Upgrade +1% Gun Repair 1 Historian Ant
Weapon Topiary +1% Gun Repair 1 Topiaries
Scruffy Grey Cat Plushie +0.005% Gun Repair per Scruffy Grey Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Sphynx Cat Plushie +0.015% Gun Repair per Sphynx Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Yorkie Cat Plushie +0.02% Gun Repair per Yorkie Cat 0 to 200 Cat Plushies
Mechanic (Rye's exclusive perk) +50% Gun Repair 1 Rye
Big Cat Statue Upgrade +1% Gun Repair 1 Big Cat Statue

Note that for the above sources they are all additive, not multiplicative. For example, if the player already has Gun Repair at 2% and purchase the Engineer Ant Gun Repair Upgrade, they will have a new Gun Repair value of 3%.