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The Gourd is an orbital designed to block Enemy bullets.

General Description[]

Gourds are Items that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. The player can have a maximum of three Gourds at a time. Upon being picked up, they will begin to slowly orbit around the player within a tight circle. Compared to the Thorn, Gourds orbit closer to the player. Gourds are completely indestructible regardless of how many bullets have hit it. They will delete most bullets they come into contact with, acting as a portable shield. This effect does not extend to Corpse-a-Copia's Flying Skulls.


Unlike all other shield related Items, with the exception of the Helpful Worm, Gourds serve as the only ones that can be utilized outside of the Farm. In addition, Gourds are one of the few shield upgrades without a direct timer or instantaneous effect. This makes the Gourd extremely reliable in bullet heavy situations everywhere, regardless of whether or not the player is on the Farm. Compared to the Helpful Worm, this Item's greatest competitor, Gourds are completely unbreakable and do not rely on pickups in order to function. In addition, unlike all other shield upgrades, it is possible to get multiple copies of this item, amplifying it's effect and reliability further.